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(100) Instagramming Part 14..



1.Nandos Cous Cous salad w Halloumi 2. Arm Candy 3. Mf x Mf <3 4. Ghostly! 5. Pure PR Press Day 6. Fam <3 7.Harrods Press Day 8. Double Sided 9. Choc Cake at Harrods mm! 10.Summer Press Day 11. Best surprise of last week MFlowww <3 12. F21 Finds 13. MAC Face charts from the BAFTA event 14. Finally Sunshine 15. Mouldy Mama 16. Mango and Melon 17. Sunny Sunday in London 18. Glossy's arm candy 19. Naughty chinese with Glossy! 20. Sorting out Glossy's accessories!! 21. THE REJECTS! 22. Impromptu trip for Bubble Tea with Tali 23. Bubblin' 24. Bubbles 

Hello my fellow fruits! Firstly hope everyone is well, secondly what do you all think of the new layout? Are you happier with a white background! I absolutely love this layout and I have the gorgeous LaaLaa from Dolce Vanity to thank! It's turned out just how I wanted it to. Last week was super busy, I had so many press events and spent so much time with friends. It was perfect just what I needed, I was so excited that one of my closest friends Flow was over visiting for Belgium. I dragged her along to some events with me so I could get to spend some time with her. Wande also joined us was good fun! I also spent some quality time with my gorgeous Glossy, love her! This week is another busy one and I'm already exhausted! 

Hope you guys have a fab week! Let me know what you think of the layout? 

Lots of Love 



  1. Love the new layout!! And love the pictures!!! xxx

  2. Great new layout! MM bubble tea, my fav one is either a straight up milk tea with pudding jelly, or cantaloupe slush with coconut jelly.

  3. Woaahh, what a drastic change. I love it! xx

  4. Love the new layout! Great post, I love looking at these type of posts.

    Sherrie x

  5. Aw love that you love the layout :) now that it's PERFECT lol. Gosh you've got my hungry now lol xo

    1. LOVE you for making this so amazing!!! Thank you for all your hard work xxx

  6. Love your instagram post and the new layout is fabbb

  7. The new layout is better I like it :)



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