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(099) Essie - Mint Candy Apple


I don't know how I haven't blogged about this, it has been my most frequently worn shade since pastels hit SS12. I think because I wear it so often I assumed I had written about it. I bought this last Summer in Miami and I absolutely adore this colour. I featured it in my April favourites video which you guys can watch HERE but it then occurred to me that this beauty had never been on my blog. 


Mint Candy Apple is a shade I am sure most of you nail-polish-aholic's out there have already laid eyes on. I knew it was love at first site it's the perfect mint, pastel green and essential to anyones nail polish collection. I love how it contrasts with my skin tone. I love how opaque this colour is and you only really need two coats for an even application and I finished with a top coat of Seche Vite.


By the way how great is it that Essie is now available on the high street in Boots and Superdrug. I am so excited as they have such amazing shades for my International readers Essie is a brand that wasn't so readily available in the UK. I am so glad that's changed as it stops me from lugging loads back from America. 

I love this nail polish and I guess this blogpost has been long overdue - This baby is available HERE

Have any of you tried this cult colour? What are your favourites from Essie! 

Lots of Love 



  1. Oooh I love that color! Love your nail shape too by the way ;)

  2. I quite fancy a mint nail polish at the minute (normally greens aren't my thing at all), can't believe I forgot about this one, will have to hit Boots for it!

  3. Love how it matches your phone case! xx

  4. I've seen this colour on a lot of blogs before and I really love it :) Definitely going to hunt this down in Boots next time I'm in town.

    Frances xx

  5. I love mint colour but can't really pull it off on my skintone- I look dead;P

  6. I love Mint Candy Apples it's one of my faves! Marino Cool and Knockout Pout are great colours too!


  7. So pretty! Where did you get your phone case I really want a Hello Kitty bumper xxxxx

  8. That nail polish is beautiful! I was so happy when I saw an Essie stand in my local Boots, I want so many!!


  9. Love the color! My favorite Is ballet slippers

  10. I still believe I need this in my life even though I probably own it in a different brand! Im so glad Essie is on the highs street now, I nearly dropped down when I saw it in my local superdrug!

  11. I've just got ' splash of grenadine'.its a great bright pinky liac sort,of colour lol! Sooo happy I no longer need to stock up in the US for Essie nail varnish..better late than never I say .

  12. I love this shade so much, its so cute but not too girly and matches really well with my grey wardrobe!


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