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Now I know some of you are sitting there thinking why an earth is she writing about getting bronzed. I am however one of those people that loves the colour of my skin when I am tanned. I prefer being bronzed and darker. I don't always use these products but as the days get warmer I like my skin to look healthier. Let's face it I don't live in Miami *sulks* where I can enjoy the gorgeous sun, I live in rainy grey London where the sun rarely makes an appearance. Over the years I have used a selection of products that I absolutely adore and I thought I would do a collective post on some of these products. I think these babies are fab for getting me golden!

Just a note, I tend to use gradual tanning body lotions and instant body shimmers. 

The Lotions


LDN : Skins Tone 1 (Light) Lotion

This is a new  tanning product I've been using and I love the texture. It is so lightweight and it absorbs so well in to the skin. The Tone 1 (Light) lotion creates a subtle build up of colour, I've been using it this week and my skin is glowing and golden - I love it! It comes with a mitt to apply the lotion but trust me NOT to use that.. You should see my hands right now EEK! The scent is gorgeous with a light lavender fragrance and an odourless DHA which makes the whole application way more pleasant. This is definitely going to be a Summer staple especially if the weather continues like this!
Available HERE

Dove Summer Glow Normal - Dark 
This was the first gradual tanning lotion I ever used and I still like it today. One thing that I'm not too keen on is that the newly reformulated version is really very shimmery and sparkly. I prefer gradual tanning lotions not to have a shimmery finish as I find it looks unnatural. The texture of this cream is a lot richer than the LDN Skins one to me it's a bit jelly like does that make any sense? It doesn't really bother me though. I like the smell which is non fake tan-esque. It takes about two days to notice the development of colour. 
Available HERE from Boots. 

Jergens Natural Glow 
I bought this in NYC last year and I love it, to me the consistency is the most like a regular body lotion and it absorbs the quickest into my skin. I find this also the most hydrating out of the others mentioned above. The colour again takes about 2/3 days to develop, I'm not sure if this product is available to purchase in the UK but it was my favourite US drugstore find. 
Available HERE from Amazon. 

Instant Body Shimmers


Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil 
This oil is a new one for me and I love how deep and dark the colour is. I can not wait to use this in the Summer. I love oils like these for enhancing a tan and one thing I really like about this is the texture which absorbs really well into the skin this doesn't leave your body feeling greasy or sticky. I haven't worn this all over my body yet but I have used it on nights out on my decoltage and my arms. It catches the light so beautifully. 
Available HERE.

SUPER by Nicholas Perricone Supermodel Legs 
This supermodel legs is another product I quite literally can't wait to drown in. What I like about this is that even though this has a 'superficial' shimmer to it this product is a SUPER hydrating body lotion. The SUPER range by Nicholas Perricone uses super foods as the key ingredients to benefit th skin in numerous ways. In this case Chilli Peppers are the main ingredient and this superfood helps boost skin's vitality. What I like about the finish of this product is that it has more of a pearlised finish which would work for even the fairest of skin tones. Supermodel legs leaves your skin looking super sleek with a gorgeous tone, although it's marketed as a product for your legs I'd use it all over. I love that this comes in a pump format - it makes life so much easier. 
Available HERE.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR 
I have been using this product for about two years now I really love it. I have the both sizes  in this product. The larger one I prefer as it has a spray so it's easy to apply but the smaller size on the other hand is perfect to travel with. I love using this product when I'm on holiday it looks great after being in the sun. This oil is high in Vitamin E so you really feel how moisturising it is on the skin and as it's multi purpose it really can be used anywhere, even in your hair. Although this looks quite shimmery in the bottle, on the skin it gives the skin a subtle golden shimmer. 
Available HERE.

So there you have it.. My guide to getting golden - haha not really! But just a few of my favourites.
What products do you enjoy using? 

Lots of Love 



  1. i have that dove one but mine has no shimmer? maybe you should look around, zara, cos i think they do a version with no shimmer :)

  2. look hun, shimmer free version:;jsessionid=181167A45BB99FEADF51117CC0CB7488

  3. I really wanna try the Body Shop Honey Bronzer, does it smell amazing?? <3

  4. i also want to try dry oil!

    sophie xx

  5. Im an NC44 in the studio sculpt like you, when you use the body shop honey bronzer do you go a shade darker with you're foundation?? <3

  6. I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.
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