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(093) How You Doooing?


Do you have days where you just feel so blah.. I've been feeling like this with my hair. It's just so annoying, I actually regret cutting my fringe back because it's such high maintenance and for some reason this time around I just can't be bothered. What do you guys think? Helppp.. !?!Anyways I swept it to the side the same way I started to in February and decided to slap on loads of make up in a bid to get up and out of my pjs. Well that hardly happened instead I pranced around the house, filmed a new video and then decided that was eventful enough. I have since spent my day, actually days watching Friends episodes back to back. I forgot how amazing it was.. 

I thought I would talk about my most worn eye combination of the moment it's literally the quickest look to achieve using only two eyeshadows. I use a black By Terry eyeshadow which is a matte black and I apply this all over the lid and apply it more intensely in the outer corners. I then take a shimmery brown eyeshadow in this case it's MAC's 'Mulch' and I apply this with a fluffy brush and then blend from the inner corners softly into the crease. I then slap on my signature liner and mascara and VOILA! So simple so easily achieved and I love it! 


If you are thinking that I look a little browner in these pictures then you're right! And NO I haven't just got back from a sneaky sunny break *cries* I've started a summer body bronzing regime - haha.. basically a bit of gradual tanning lotion and bob's your uncle! I will be doing a full post on that tomorrow nothing beats healthy, glowing skin and I have a selection of fab products I'll be sharing with you. 

Shu Uemura Instant Glow Skin Perfecting Cream 
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC44
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder 

Elizabeth Arden War Bronzer

MAC Melba

MAC Belightful Powder

By Terry Black e/s 
MAC Mulch e/s
Inglot Gel liner in 77 Black 
Benefit They're Real Mascara

MAC Soar Lip Liner 
NARS Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer 


How was your Sunday.. Feel like I've done pretty well today three new posts, one new video.. Feel like it's been a productive day. How was your day? 

More tomorrow lots of love! 



  1. I was so happy today seeing so many posts by you, you are my favourite blooger!

    1. Aww thank you.. that's so sweet! xx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous, I have serioussss eyebrow/hair/face envy!


  3. Your eyes and brows look amazing - going to have to check our NARS Chelsea Girls too!

  4. i love mulch and i'm always looking for ways to use it, so thanks for this :)

  5. You look so much like Cece from New girl! You're so pretty and I looove your blog! :-D

  6. Your makeup always looks flawless!! I'm having one those days right now... Slapped on loads of makeup and I'm sitting in my pjs staring into the laptop... Rock n Roll!!

    Sami x

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! :) xox


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