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(091) Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream Fragrance Free


The best things in life are free, in this case fragrance free! This has been my skin saviour for the last month. I actually featured this in my monthly favourites video which I just posted on YouTube. I've been unwell for what seems like ages, I've had an awful cold which was the result of tonsillitis and it has taken me the longest time to get over it. My skin has suffered dramatically and I have used this to keep the skin around my nose moisturised, my skin peels like crazy when I'm sick. 

This is a must have product and I think it's even better now that it comes in this fragrance free version. I used to have a love/hate relationship with the original because of the medicine like smell and at times it was just too much for me. Even though this product is fragrance free to me the smell reminds me of cocoa butter which is definitely a lot nice. I really like the rich consistency which keeps dry skin moisturised and as this is a multi purpose product it can be used everywhere. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Fragrance Free Cream is available HERE

Are any of you 8 hour cream fans? Have you tried the fragrance free version? 

Lots of Love 



  1. I must have This. I loved the original but couldn't stomach the smell so this new fragrance free version sounds perfect for me. X

  2. I have had the normal version for over a year... there is no other cream like this!
    Definitely my go to when I have irritable skin or dry lips.
    I have actually grown to really like the smell to be honest... I don't know why though because I do get what you mean by the medicinal smell!


  3. I have just brought this while I was in the airport going on holiday, used it while I was away for the first time on my face where I had a bit of sunburn. Great product just didn't like the medical smell. After I have used this one definitively going to buy the fragrance free 8 hour cream love anything with a coco butter smell in. x


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