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(090) Carmex - Original Lip Balm


I love a good lip balm and I can't believe I had never tried the cult Carmex lip balm. To be honest I think I used it a few years back but didn't really like the tingly sensation. This is probably the most inexpensive lip balm I have ever used and it came as surprise to me as I was randomly sent a package from Carmex. This is the original pot lip balm and I have been obsessing over this lately. I am continuously applying it and my lips are so super soft right now. It feels so moisturising and the tingling sensation which once bothered me really doesn't now. The formula is quite rich and I find you have to warm it up with your fingers in order to work with it. I like the scent which is vanilla balanced out by menthol.  I also love that this lip balm doesn't leave a glossy finish on the lips therefore it makes a great base for lipstick. 

For  £2.69 what more could you want! Available HERE .

Are any of you crazy about Carmex? 

Lots of Love 



  1. I've never tried the original Carmex but I swear by the cherry version, I love it!

    Frances xx

  2. I love Carmex! Can't leave home without some throughout winter!

  3. I love Carmex, and swear by it, but I'll warn you to be careful.
    I have like addictive tendencies and when I like something, I tend to just use it and go nuts. Well, I did with Carmex, and my lips literally burned. Like, they scolded and became rough and stung like hell for a few days. I went as far as putting ice on them before I went to bed cos I was in that much pain. So now, in the summer months I tend to minimise use.

    Just thought I'd pass on a word of warning *blush* rant over. lol


  4. I have one & I absolutely love it!


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