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(083) LOVE your feet with Liz Earle



With Summer just around the corner (Well so I keep telling myself) it's time for us all to pay a little more attention to our feet! I cringe at the site of bad feet, if you can't keep them looking pretty put them away. 

I love this trio it's the perfect combination for twinkling toes! Whether you're sporting sandals or just want to keep those feet soft and smooth this Liz Earle collection is one to get you sorted for Summer. 

Foot Scrub 
I love a great exfoliator and this one is fab for getting rid of all that dead, dry skin. I especially love using this to keep my soles soft and my heels smooth. I apply a small amount to my feet then use an exfoliating mitt to really work the product in to my feet, I then rinse away et VOILA - Super smooth! thanks to ingredients such as avocado, wheatgerm oils and vitamin E.
Available HERE.

Foot Repair Moisturiser 
This moisturiser works so well with the foot scrub it has the same natural active ingredients as the scrub i.e avocado, wheatgerm oils but also has shea butter which makes this foot cream really hydrating. I love that it's non greasy, leaves my feet feeling soft and of course smells amazing! 
Available HERE

Foot Spritzer
I love nothing more than spritzing my feet after a long day. I'm always on my feet and this just cools them down, keeps them fresh and smelling good. I ALWAYS have to have a foot spritzer when I am travelling it's an essential! 
Available HERE

Have any of you tried the Liz Earle foot care range? What are your favourites? 

Keep them feet pretty!
Lots of Love 



  1. Look like nice products Zara..

  2. These look sooooo tempting! I love the smell of Liz Earle products too.

    I agree with you on the feet thing too! If you can afford nice shoes, you can afford to keep you're feet nice too. Or is that mean? :/ aha

    Great post :)


  3. I love Liz Earle products, but I didn't have the chance to try their feet stuff. I'm sure they're great products (^_^)

    By the way, I've made big changes on my blog, including my blog name and blog url. Check it if you want!


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