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(081) OPI - Mod About You


I don't like blogging about the same products over and over again but you know if I do - it's a Winner! That is the case with OPI's 'Mod About You'. I have honestly been in love with this nail polish from the day I discovered it on Laura's then Lollipop26 blog. It is just the perfect, milky pink opaque shade and it's so pretty. It's one of those colours that I will gladly wear all year around. 


I applied two coats for an even application and then a top coat of Seche Vite. This is one of those nail polishes I have continuously repurchased over the years and whenever I wear it I always get compliment on it! 


I think this might be my favourite OPI nail polish actually, this may possibly be my ALL TIME favourite nail polish! Ditto. 


What is your favourite nail polish? What are you currently wearing? I cut all my nails off the other day and it feels so nice! Loving short nails right now. 

This baby is available HERE

Lots of Love



  1. This is such a gorgeous colour, I may have to put this on the wishlist. x

  2. matches your phone case perfectly! which i also now want along with that colour!! gorgeous. i always have my nails short, long just don't suit me!xx

  3. Thanks to you I bought this polish - I'm sooo glad I did! Nothing comes close to how clean, bright and pink it is. I think you would also love OPI 'Venus Di Violet'


  4. I love your photos! I like seeing all of the pretty odds and ends in the background. I'm not attached to my nails like I am with my hair - I always end up cutting my nails short and they are so much easier to deal with. Mod About You is a shade I've wanted for the past few years but never purchased it. It looks so pretty on your nails.

  5. Ahhhhh i think im in love with this nail colour!! xxx

  6. Shock horror- an OPI polish I DON'T HAVE?! Must change this immediately. x

  7. So pretty, I need to remember this one.

  8. This is a really pretty colour, I love subtle, pale pinks :)

    Frances xx

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  10. Pretty color it looks similar to Pink Friday in the Nicki Minaj collection. My favorite polish right now is gettin' Ms piggy with it adds so much glam to a red nail.I looove it!

  11. Mod About You is an absolute fave of mine. I actually nearly wore it last week after neglecting it for over a year but I chose a different pink. It looks even hotter on you and it suits your complexion well x

  12. Got this for 3 euro at the irish beauty show absolutly love the color perfect pastel!

  13. I'm wearing OPI too but Absolutely Alice :D

    Lena x

  14. Ohh lovely colour! Might have to purchase this soon! Also love all the cute little bits in the background.

  15. Mod about you is also my favourite nailpolish! I hardly give my other polishes a change because I love it so much ^_^ xx

  16. It's one of my faves too! love the pics!


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