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Apologies for my absence I have been suffering from tonsillitis for the last five days and I've spent most of my time under a duvet feeling sorry for myself. All that aside before I fell ill I tweeted about re-ombre-ing my hair. I loved the lighter colour but kind of felt like it was too disconnected at the bottoms and it didn't feel like it blended in to the rest of my hair. So with that in my mind I stomped off to Sally's bought some more blue bleach and repeated the dip dying drama. For my first post on Ombre-ing my hair read it HERE

After bleaching it (a few times) the colour was so brassy and had too much red in it for my liking. I had to then buy another Ash blonde and applied this to the bottoms in an attempt to cancel out the red/orange tones. I prefer the colour now it's not as bright as it appears in the photos. I will eventually get to my desired caramel colour but I'm intending on giving my locks a little rest for a few weeks. 


So after all this bleaching I finally made it to my hairdressers! I never tell Claire what to do she's been cutting my hair since I was 14 so I pretty much trust her with my life. BUT then she managed to get everyone in the salon to convince me to cut my fringe back.. 


What can I say? I don't deal well with peer pressure and I like to keep everyone happy haha! And what can I say - it's hair, it grows!? - No big deal. To be honest I was inspired to Ombre my hair because of one of my best friends hair and her hair is pretty much what mine looks like now! 

Here's my HAIRSPIRATION.. No stranger to my blog my girl FLOW. 


So YES the bangs are back and Ready to rock and roll!


Token Instagram Pic are you following me? @MouldyFruit :)

My hair upkeep has definitely gone up a notch I'm really getting myself into a good hair routine. These are some of the products I have been using and loving lately. 


Burt's Bees Pomegranate and Soy Very Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner 


 This is a volumising shampoo and I tend not to use volumising shampoos as my hair is thick but I just love the smell of these two and the way in which it leaves my hair feeling full and super soft. One thing I love about this range is the fact that these products are sulfate free and around 90% natural (Less chemicals = Happier Hair). I haven't used the conditioner as much as the shampoo as I'm still using deep conditioning hair masks as a substitute to conditioner. 
Available HERE andHERE

Living Proof Restore Mask


In the last hair mask post I mentioned I was using 'It's a 10 Miracle mask' (Post HERE) but I am now alternating this with Living Proof's restore mask. The consistency of this is really thick almost butter like. I take a generous amount apply it more specifically to the ends and then clip my hair up for 5-10 minutes and then rinse out. This has really been helping to deep condition my hair and I was pretty happy when my hairdresser said she was surprised at how good the condition of my hair was considering the amount I bleached it. I have been religiously using these hair masks since bleaching my hair the first time about a month ago. 
Available online HERE.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product


Another great product I discovered from the it's a 10 range. I never really use a heat protector or anything like that but now that I am taking full care of my hair I find this product so easy to use. A few spritz, then I comb it through and I either let my hair dry naturally or blast it with the hairdryer. The it's a 10 products all have 10 objectives.. 

1. Detangles 
2. Restores Moisture Balance 
3. Instantly Restores Elasticity 
4. Softens 
5. Smoothes 
6. Imparts Luminous Shine 
7. Enhances Natural Body 
8. Nourishes 
9. De Frizzes
10. Improves Colour Vibrancy 

Loving this right now and it doesn't feel heavy on the hair - result! This is great if you have dry/damaged and coloured hair. 

Available online at Sally's HERE

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops


This is currently my favourite serum, I apply this once I've dried and styled my hair. It just keeps my hair looking glossy and what I like is that this serum doesn't feel to heavy in my hair, nor does it leave me feeling like its greasy. I find that serums are great but I hate that feeling of them when they are too sticky this one is just perfect! 
Available online at Boots HERE

There you have it my lovelys.. a HUGE hair post! I will try to get some more posts up in the next few days. Hope you are all well..

Lots of Love 



  1. You are so beautiful! love the new hair! mashallah!

  2. Love the new colour, much more subtle and blends with the black. About the fringe, at least it suits you, I've wanted one for years but every hairdresser I've been to refuses saying that it doesn't go with my face shape lol. x x

  3. Your hair is amazing! Please do tell where you got your necklace from? xo

  4. i love ombre, it looks good on you. I actually have ombre hair on accident. My blonde just grew out... funny right?

  5. I love your hair, I want a fringe like that.

  6. The colour of your hair looks amazing :)


  7. Zara, you are really beautiful :)

  8. Hi darling,
    I absolutely loveee your ombre hair!! It's so pretty, I'm hoping to do that to my hair as well but I'm afraid about the brassy-ness (which has happened so many times already to me :/ ). By the way I'm new to blogger and even newer to your site, are you from england? because if you are, I'm coming to london for one month (study abroad from new york) and I should check out your hairdresser! Love your site : )

  9. Bangs suit you perfectly I love it very edgy on you :) i also love your ombre !!!!!!!

  10. You look absolutely amazing!


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