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(077) Current Skincare - Fabulous French Finds!



My skin has changed a lot since I last posted about skin care. It seems to be really dry at the moment so I have had to change from the SUPER moisturiser I was using. I have come to the conclusion that French skincare is amazing and by far my favourite. I actually LOVE my current skin care routine, if you don't have a dry skin type then this post is semi irrelevant nevertheless for all those out there that have a similar skin type to myself you might find it useful. I have found that these two products to work wonders. After weeks my skin finally feels re-hydrated and is looking much healthier all thanks to these two fabulous Frenchies! 

Nuxe Reve de Miel 


This cream feels so luxurious on my skin and it's just so creamy, I love how it instantly moisturises my face and the smell is gorgeous - almost honey like. The use of wild fruit oils like cranberry and ingredients such as mango butter keep the skin hydrated.  If you are dry/sensitive then this cream is perfect for you, well it is for me! I use this in the mornings and I actually bought mine in Paris but you can find it online HERE

L'occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream 


I have been using an even richer cream for the night and this is by L'occitane. I love L'occitane products, they just make you feel like you are treating your skin and body well. This is their ultra rich face cream which is almost like a balm It's really rich and  25% shea butter so very hydrating. I find it works best by warming up the product in your fingers before pressing it in to the skin. I wake up in the morning and my skin is super silky and still feels moisturised. 
L'occitane's Ultra Rich Face Cream is available online HERE.

If you like the sound of this but don't have a particularly dry skin type L'occitane do this in a lighter weight version available HERE

What are your current favourite skincare products

 Lots of Love 



  1. Girl I hear you! I think this schizophrenic weather is no good for anyone's skin and I am having major break out issues! Started to use Dermalogica stuff as a trial but might have to look into the frenchies if it doesn't work! Nice post xx

  2. I'm right there with you, on the Nuxe. I very rarely have dry moments, but when I do, this cream is just a delight to use. And yes, the scent! Mmmm, it's almost edible!

    Glad you found things that work for you =)

  3. Will look for this Zara :)

  4. nuxe is nice brand,i also want to purchase the oil of nuxe which is so great for all skintypes!

    sophie xx

  5. Next time ur in Paris, get yourself Ducray Icytane emollient face cream.Its the best, always being recommended by most parapharmacies.Its not really under the limelight like Nuxe or Caudalie, but I swear for 9 euros,its uh mazing!

  6. I also use the Rêve de Miel by Nuxe and I love it!

  7. Great article - thanks for the information.


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