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(073) Burning Bluebell


I love nothing more than burning a beautiful candle and having the scent spread through the house. My current favourite is the 'Bluebell' candle from Penhaligon's London. For those of you who don't know Penhaligon's spacisalise in English Vintage perfumes, they are worldly renowned for creating distinctive scents and their shops are definitely a must see. You can actually book in and have a consultation in creating your unique, personal perfume from. With that being said the Bluebell range is one of their most popular and this candle really is an exuisite treat. It just smells so fresh, delicate yet very Spring like.


This candle is available to buy HERE. Burning this feels so special! 

What has been lifting your mood this Spring, this is definitely doing it for me. 

Lots of Love 



  1. I love a luxury scented candle and Penhaligons is definitely one of those brands that provide them!

  2. Sienna Miller apparently wears Bluebell as her perfume!!

  3. This is gorgeous! I've never been able to afford all these expensive candles but I may just splash out on this for my birthday!


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