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(069) Benefit - Watt's Up!


I go through phases with using a highlighter when applying my make up. I've been a little down lately and my skin has been looking so grey, so more recently I have been applying a highlighter to keep my skin looking dewy and healthy. Also it has been incredibly sunny in London, which makes me long for luminous, Summer skin! 

When it comes to highlighters I have pretty much used the same ones over the last year or so but lately I have found love for a new highlighter. Benefit's - Watt's Up! I was sent this a while back and if I'm honest it wasn't a product I rushed to try. I'm not the biggest Benefit fan but I have worn this highlighter daily for about 3 weeks now, I am also LOVING Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara - I briefly mentioned it in this post HERE. I have to say these two products could be converting me, they are becoming favourites! 


Over the last few weeks I have had people comment on my make up and how fresh my face looked and honestly the only difference was that I used this highlighter. It comes in this weird looking light bulb shape? applicator. Slightly gimmicky but the highlighter itself is gorgeous. 


Watt's Up! is a creme highlighter with a powder like finish, it reminds me a little of the NARS multiples. I have been sweeping this across my cheek bones, a tiny bit on the tip of my nose and above my cupid bow of my lips. I then blend it out with my fingers, it does have a sponge-esque blender but I found it more effective to use my fingers. The colour is champagne/pearl with a soft shimmer and minimal sparkle, great for that gorgeous GLOW!



I really think this has been one of make up saviours over the last few weeks! Have any of you tried this? What do you guys think of it? What are your favourite highlighters? 

Benefit - Watts UP! is £24.50 and available HERE

Lots of Love 



  1. You look stunning as usual!

  2. I love Gana blusher by MAC Mickey Contractor, its the best highlight for NC42-43 ish skin.I 2nd Benefit Girl meets Pearl too.

  3. Beautiful! Great review, i'm actually quite tempted to buy it now x

  4. I love Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl. I've always wanted to try Watts Up as well!

  5. What color is that on your lids?

  6. I have this and absolutely love this, its one of my must haves! xx

  7. Ooh I must try! I love using highlighters and have an Illamasqua and a MAC one that I have on rotation. Also, I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and haven't stopped reading...even while at work. It's encouraged me to start up my own:

    You are informative, and honest about the products which I appreciate - as I can have an informed choice when wanting to purchase something.

    Once again, AMAZING blog!! Cheers, Mish_Mash, from Australia.

  8. hey great review cant wait to go out and buy this! please check out my new blog! :)

  9. looks lovely on you extremely brightening and suits your complexion

  10. This is something I really want to try!

  11. what are you wearing on your lips here?

  12. what do you have on your lips here??


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