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(066) Photo Challenge Day 15 : 'Car'


I arrived in Paris this afternoon and whilst it's technically 1am here it's not yet midnight in the UK so hopefully I'll get this pic up before the clock strikes 12. I snapped this quickly in Chatelet before going for dessert at George at the top of the Pompidou centre. I LOVE Paris and the weather is wonderful it was 17 C at 10pm this evening! AMAZING. I am so sleepy now.. looking forward to a day in the sun in my favourite city!

Lots of Love, BISOUS 



  1. You should set up a meet up with your parisian fans ;) Im one of themmmmmmm!!!!!!!:)

  2. I really wanna go Paris, not sure I'd eat frogs though looool

    I use the Nikon D3000, perfect for a beginner DSLR camera :-) xx

  3. I am loving these daily photos! I love your photography skills!


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