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(065) Holy Grail - INGLOT Gel Liner 77



We all have that product we can't live without! Mine is INGLOT'S gel liner, I have blogged about this on numerous occasions but I didn't realise how much I missed it until mine had dried up and I was forced to use my reserves. There is only one INGLOT store in the UK which is about an hour away from me right on the other side of London in Westfield White City. Now I could just order online but I have an INGLOT make up artist card which I like to make good use of. After putting it off for weeks I finally decided to go down and stock up on my favourite gel liner. 

Can I just say I have tried them all! Whether it be gel, liquid or pencil and nothing makes me as happy as INGLOT's gel liner. I wore it all last year and is by far the best I have found for me. My eyes have this weird tendency to water upwards and this is the only eyeliner that stays put. It's waterproof so stays on perfectly, it also glides on so effortlessly. These gel liners come in an array of colours and although I was tempted I was well behaved and decided not to make an impulse purchases. 77 is such a true black and so intense, if it's an eyeliner it has to be BLACK! What I also like about this eyeliner is that I can wear it on my waterline and it doesn't sting and again lasts all day. A lot of people ask what I use and this is it, I love using a kohl eyeliner on my waterline but they just don't last and they always end up halfway down my face. 

I have worn this eyeliner in all climates and it is just my favourite. I am so glad I have this back in my make up bag - You have been missed! 

What are your favourites? This is also such a great price at £10 it's available to buy HERE. If you like a gel liner and haven't tried this you have NO IDEA what you are MISSING! Check it out..

Lots of Love



  1. Ive been wanting to try this product for a while now to add to my pro kit! Whats the discount like at inglot?

  2. It is definitely Holy Grail material for me too! I've had mine for what seems like forever and is still going strong! xx

  3. inglot gel liners are amazing

  4. Ooh, Ive recently bought some Inglot products and I am trés happy! Will post my swatches on my blog tomorrow. Superb quality!

    Miss Plush It :) xxx

  5. sounds good. my eyes water like yours too its really annoying... i'll try this next definately!

  6. I have been meaning to try Inglot products, they are reasonably priced. I know they are paraben-free so thats a good start, but I will have to investigate more on their ingredients.

  7. I personally love it over black and wore this combo to see the film over the weekend in tribute to its release, sad I know but I'm a true fangirl now!
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