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(046) See the Good in Everything


Back with more positive preaching! Haha.. It's been a while so with the start of the weekend, I  thought this would be a good way to get myself and others who enjoy reading these posts thinking more on the positive side. 

I love these cards especially when I feel I need to focus, I find they really do help me. The most successful one for me was about visualisation, I have since become obsessed with creating lists and I get great satisfaction in crossing things off. I like it keeps me focused on what I want to achieve and makes my goals more achievable. 

Today's Lesson : 

This is a day for optism only. No matter what comes your way, your task is to see only the favourable attributes in it. 

Your Goal :

 To practice the power of positive thinking. 

Lots of Love and heave a great weekend! 


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  1. I want some! I need some of these cards in my life, especially at the moment! What a good idea :) Great post/preach haha.


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