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(039) Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation



A few weeks ago I was contacted by Avon to see if I wanted to try their new foundation. To be honest I very rarely go out of my comfort zone when it comes to foundation. I always find the base is the most important thing to get right when it comes to make up, so I stick to what I know and like. So when Avon approached me with their new Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage, I was curious to see if it lived up to the name.

 Alesha Dixon is the face of this foundation and she looks amazing in the campaign shots and video so I wanted to see how this foundation would work for me. Her skin always looks great and if I can come close to achieving that I know I won't be complaining.


I was sent the full collection of shades which is an overwhelming amount of foundation (16 in actual fact) but meant that I could find myself the perfect colour match in the comfort of my own home. I have to say I was very impressed with the selection of shades for warmer skin tones like myself. My shade in this foundation is 'Pure Beige'. 


The texture of the foundation is very lightweight so I assumed the coverage would be too little too light for me. I am someone who can't shy away from a full coverage foundation (it's the only thing i'm comfortable with) - I was almost sure that this wouldn't work for me, but I really liked it on. The coverage is definitely build-able which is a good thing! 


The foundation itself has a beautiful light reflecting finish to it, once applied it leaves your skin looking very healthy and quite literally glowing. I can't believe how well this blended in and it felt so light (It was almost as if I wasn't wearing anything!). I love that this foundation dries with an almost powder like finish. 


The packaging of these foundations is very slick and at a glance you would think it was a foundation from any other high end brand. I love that this foundation has a pump, this I think is something so essential to foundations in bottles as it means there is less waste and less mess.

I thought as I was sent so many of these foundations I would make over friends and family members using this foundation and let them tell you what they think of it. This way you can get a different perspectives from people of different complexions, skin types and ages.

This foundation is available from Avon online and is currently on offer for £10 instead £12, check it out HERE.

Have any of you tried this foundation? I noticed Nic from Pixiwoo using it in one of their recent videos and it looked amazing on her! What do you guys think about high street foundation? How do you think they compare to the high end? 

Lots of Love



  1. i really want to try this! i ordered two of the supershock eyeliners from the Smoke and Mirrors collection and they are amazing! x

  2. I've never owned anything from Avon...
    are they worth trying out?

  3. I'm really tempted to try these. Avon do a lot of great products and I order from the quite a lot x

  4. I havent really been a big fan of avon apart from the supershock gel liners but this product looks amazing! xo

  5. Hmm.... I'm curious about this foundation. I can't stray from my studio sculpt! Your eye makeup looks phenomenal

  6. It gives a really natural look

  7. I haven't tried it yet, but really looking into it now.

  8. I recently tried the avon face primer and liked it. I might have to try this one, Im a full coverage lover also tho..

  9. Swatches of the full line you received would be awesome! Hope you'll do it soon :)

  10. Swatches of the full line you received would be amazing and helpful :) hope you'll do it soon xox

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  12. what colour are u in mac?


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