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(032) Hair by RUSH..Plus exclusive offer for MouldyFruit Readers!


Today I went and got my haircut in the newly opened RUSH salon on Charing Cross Road London. The salon is quite small but cosy, the staff are welcoming and it's such a nice relaxed atmosphere. 

So if you've been following my blog for a while you will know last year I had a pretty dramatic change from my then wavy, Kardashian-ified hair. I cut a blunt, heavy full fringe and pretty much for the last year have worn my hair straight with this I have donned a statement, bold lip colour (as you do) and that became my look for 2011. To be honest I can't believe I kept the fringe for so long, I'm not going to lie it was super high maintenance and very limiting. Its now 2012 and I'm ready for something different!

My stylist Jaymarie gave me a much needed cut, she really refined the layers and removed the bulk. I can't express how light my hair feels right now - it is just so airy and bouncy. 


We kept the length, even though I joked on twitter about cutting it all off!  (The way in which it has been styled make it looks shorter than it is) I assure you it's still long. Jaymarie really spent a lot of time on my hair and I really appreciate it when a stylist takes time and care when cutting my hair.


For the fringe we decided to leave it for now Jaymarie did cut into it slightly to remove some weight, so that it can sit better especially as I attempt to grow it out. I've been training my fringe to sit more to the side over the last few weeks and its getting there. 

To finish up Jaymarie gave me such an amazing blowdry. It feels so glamorous and I love how this compliments the layers in my hair. It's so HOLLYWOOD! I love it!

Overall I am so happy with the end result my hair feels and looks fabulous and I have the great Jaymarie and the RUSH team at the Charing Cross branch to thank. 


I have a little bit of an EXCLUSIVE treat for you guys.. 

For all my MouldyFruit followers, friends and family!!! 
* £20 OFF Cut/Colour on your first visit to RUSH Charing Cross Road for all MouldyFruit Readers
Clients must quote ‘£20 OFF MouldyFruit’ when booking.

*Appointment must be booked by 29th Feb 2012. 
*Offer expires 30th March 2012. 
*Valid on you first visit to RUSH Charing Cross Road only.
*Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

You guys should totally take advantage of this amazing offer I know a few of my friends and family are definitely going to book in! 


Tomorrow I will be exclusively covering RUSH at London Fashion Week. I will be backstage at the Francesca Marotta show talking to the RUSH hair stylists, taking pics of all the fabulous HAIR and of course FASHION!

Follow me @MouldyFruit and @RUSHhairbeauty for updates on Twitter!

What do you guys think? Will any of you be taking advantage of my MouldyFruit exclusive

Lots of Love 



  1. you look fantastic hun! i think that big fringe from last year really needed to go, as you said it was so limiting - you look more freed already, you'll be able to do loads with this cut!

    have fun at LFW xxx

  2. you look fabulous!!! but then you always do :)

  3. Prettier than Kim Kardashian herself! Absolutely stunning. :) x

  4. You look so gorgeous & I love the new hair cut. xx

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous!

    Sarah xx

  6. you look gorgeous. love the hair cut.

  7. i think its your best hair, love it !

  8. I wish I could have that type of layering in my hair - but it's much too thin. You look great

  9. Gorgeous hairstyle! She did a great job :)


  10. I LOVE your haircut the stylist has done a really good job
    Personally I had a REALLY BAD experience with Rush baker st - stylists hands stunk of cigarettes, she was rude - they even let me walk out with big stains on my head where the colour had been applied badly and had dyed my forehead

    I emailed them to complain - sent pics as well of how they had allowed me to leave the salon and they tried to fob me off with a £10 voucher! I told them to stuff it!

    1. Omg that's so bad!! I'm really fussy with my hair so thankfully I've had good experiences each time with RUSH! But that is not cool!

  11. I've had the worst experience at RUSH they completely tried to fob me off with a bad colour job and then tried to blame ME for it! However, they do take on complaints and the manager redid my hair the next day. That meant me wasting another few hours getting there and sitting around all over again but the job was a lot better. I've heard so many complaints about RUSH I avoid it completely but it seems they're trying to fix this bad reputation they have for themselves and they have done a lovely job on you!

    1. Damn.. I've never had my hair coloured there! By the sounds of it I won't be either.. That's really bad! Luckily my experiences have all been positive! Maybe I've just been lucky with good stylists x

  12. I love the remix to your hairstyle. It completely suits you and you look very gorgeous in the last pic by the way x

  13. Hi, Zara! I'm from Brazil and I just love your blog!
    Your hair cut is gorgeous!


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