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(031) Les Bains de Marrakech


When visiting Marrakech two of my friends and one of my followers on Twitter insisted that I went and spent a day at 'Les Bain De Marrakech' a spa that  specialised in traditional Moroccon Hammams and massages. Needless to say me and my friend Tiya were totally convinced and booked in for an afternoon of treatments. This spa is neatly tucked away down a side street, away from the hustle and bustle of the city - It really is a hidden gem! 


We both decided to go for the 45 Minute Hammam and the 1 hour body massage, I have to say the whole experience was just incredible. If any of you are visiting Marrakech this spa is a MUST! we had such an amazing afternoon of pure relaxation and I would highly recommend it. 

I have to admit me and Tiya were a little apprehensive about the  whole process, I think it was the fear of the unknown as neither of us have had a Hammam before. The language barrier definitely didn't help but we were able to laugh about it and take it all in our stride. 

The room where the Hammam is performed is effectively a steam room, we had booked together so the room was just for the two of us. If you prefer your privacy you can request single rooms, as they do like to strip you haha! We sat down in our swimsuits and a little Morrocon lady came in and threw buckets of luke warm water over us. At this point I was sitting opposite Tiya quite literally laughing out loud, she then rubbed us down in a black soap and left us to lay down for in the warmth of the room for around 15 minutes. 

When the woman returned she came back with another woman who each took one of us, washed us down, took our tops off (still laughing at this point) and then used a raspy mitts to scrub us down. I'm not going to lie it was a little rough although there was something so satisfying knowing that my body was getting a serious scrubbing. You could actually see the curls of dead skin which was pretty gross. After this the women applied a mask to our bodies and faces and left us for a further 15 minutes. 

Once all the treatments were completed we were sent to shower, wrapped up in our robes and led to a relaxation room. Me and Tiya were then served mint tea and were able to lie down and really unwind. I have to admit my skin has never felt so smooth and soft. No amount of home scrubbing has EVER left my body feeling the way in which the Hammam did. 


A little while later we were taken upstairs for our hour body massages. This was by far the icing on the cake, when I say the masseuse managed to get every little kink and knot out of my body, from my feet to my head every part of my body was taken care of. The oils they use in Morroco are so pure and you can really feel it on your skin, for this massage she used pure Argan oil. 


When the hour was up I literally couldn't move as my body was just so relaxed, Me and Tiya (Totally zoned out at this point!) were led to another relaxation area. This was in the converted court yard of the riad, again we kicked back and chilled out. We were treated to more mint tea and this time a selection of Morrocon pastries. 


We got to Les Bains de Marrakech at around 1pm and didn't leave till after 4pm. When I say our bodies were glowing it almost looked as if we'd just come back from a beach holiday. Our skin looked so healthy and we honestly felt so refreshed. It really was the best way to spend the day! 

I can't recommend the place enough! The staff were wonderful and so hospitable and it was so nice to get pampered. The prices are also fantastic for the quality of service, a 45 minute hammam and a 1 hour body massage came to around 500DHS which is the equivalent to £40 which is amazing.


If you are in Marrakech you MUST pay this place a visit. I would gladly fly back to Marrakech just to spend a day at this spa. The grounds are lovely and if the weather was warmer I would have gladly spent the afternoon sitting by the pool sipping mint tea. 


When we went to the souk I picked up an exfoliating mitt similar to the ones they used in the hammam and some pure Argan oil in an attempt to recreate a homemade Hammam. (I know I won't even come close to what I experienced at Les Bains de Marrakech but here's to trying!) 

Check out Les Bain de Marrakech HERE

Have any of you had a hammam before? 



  1. Beautiful photos. My friend recently went to Marrakech and not sure if it's the same spa she went to but she said it was amazing and she had never felt so clean in her life. I'm too self conscious to be half naked tho even if it is in front of another woman! xx

  2. Zara this sounds really glad you and your friend enjoyed yourselves!!
    That massage sounds amaze :)

    Hope your well XX

  3. Wow, it looks so beautiful! I'd love to visit one day!

    Also, I'm currently running a giveaway for the chance to win a Clarisonic Mia! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. xx

  4. It sounds like absolute bliss...heavenly!


  5. Beautiful pics!! Everything looks so tranquil and serene!!

  6. These photos are beautiful! You've really gotten me interested in taking a trip to Marrakech. I bet you got some lovely souvenirs!

  7. I've heard so much about Hammams and really want to try it now! It sounds like you had the most amazing afternoon... Morocco is now on my list of places to visit :-) xx

  8. Sounds AMAZING - loved your description - it must be so satisfying to get thoroughly exfoliated...and that massage sounds DIVINE!

    My only regret when we went to Istanbul was that I didn't book a Hammam treatment - by the time I got around to making the appointment at the hotel spa, they were all booked up :-(

  9. Looks amazing! I really want to visit marrakech, it looks so gorgeous! xxx

  10. Hahahaha!! I must say I went ' :o ' when you said she THREW water on you.. I'd have been laughing as well!! And the stripping... eeeep! lol... If I ever got one, deffers getting a single room! All in all it sounds AMAZING!

  11. This sounds amazing! I am going to make a note of your review when I plan a trip to Marrakech. Your review reminds me of my mum's experience in Istanbul about 7 years ago (especially the bit about the woman scrubbing you down). Although it felt a little odd to be stripped bare, she went back again for another hammam. I was too shy sadly. Hope you brought back some lanterns because your photos are astounding.

  12. Great! sounds amazing! Now I want to visit Morocco badly.

    p.s- love ur blog

  13. Just reading about this makes me want to visit there even more than any of your other posts! I'm a sucker for massages, and this sounds like the ultimate experience.

  14. Hi, im booking Marrackech for this summer, could you point me in the right direction location or hotel wise etc - there is so many to choose from and I'm stuck - any help would be greatly appreciated!! Your trip looked fab! thanks xx

  15. I'm so surprised! I went to this exact spa in Marrakesh and you're right, it's wonderful. It was the highlight of my vacation. I'd never been one for pampering and massages so I got a pedicure and a facial and it was so relaxing. I recommend it as well!

  16. I went to the same spa and I agree, it's wonderful! I got a pedicure and a facial. It was so relaxing, I highly recommend this place!

  17. If I go will the ladies tickle me.are they nice


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