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(029) Lower Lash Swag Ft Clinique


I totally cringed as I wrote that title although I did secretly like the ring to it. I purchased this lower lash mascara by Clinique way back in Novemeber when I was in New York and it has taken me up and till now to use it (I know naughty! naughty!). Definitely more recently I have enjoyed accentuating my lower lash line, whether it be with coloured liners, eyeshadows or heaps of mascara it's just become part of the make up routine.

I can't remember where I heard good things about this mascara but I obviously had to try it out and see for myself. As my lashes are pretty long I always find when I apply regular mascara to my lower lashes I always end up with it half way down my face. For that reason this mascara is perfect, the brush is super small which allows you to concentrate the mascara on to the lashes. I also find the brush doesn't attract too much product which is something that I hate with mascaras. 



Although I love the brush and find it easy to apply, is this mascara actually worth it? Probably not.. I didn't think it did very much for me. To be honest I can achieve the same results with any mascara and then just go back and clean the mess with a cotton bud. 


One thing I would say is that if you like to emphasise your lower lashes and want minimum mess or just don't like using a big mascara wand on your lower lashes this one is for you. I would also recommend this for people who wear false lashes/extensions.

I picked this up from MACYs and was around $11(Obviously cheaper) and here in the UK its £11 and available HERE from House of Fraser.

Have any of you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts? Do you emphasise your bottom lashes? By the way the mascara on my top lashes is still the Topshop one I blogged about HERE I am still loving it! Have any of you managed to track it down?

Lots of Love 



  1. I find it is good but dries too quick and too stiff to do any more than one coat. I use mine and it has lasted months but I will not re-purchase!! xx

  2. I bought this last Jan, I love it...Its perfect sized for the lower lashes. Your lashes look amazing.

    xo SARMIN

  3. I'm not really convinced by the idea of lower lashes mascara... I;m not sure why. Maybe I should simply try it out before jugding;)?

    You have beautiful eyes!

  4. I wanted to try this but at the same time I think to myself I am just spending more money on something I dont really need xxx

  5. Wow it looks good on your lashes, i like the texture of that mascara, it looks thick and reminds me my Laroche Posay masacara, i'll definitly try that one

  6. Never tried clinique's mascara before! The wand looks so minitature LOL! It would be a pain to use that on your upper lashes. I don't think I'll buy it because of the price and size. Thanks for the heads up :D


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