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(023) L'Occtiane Almond shower oil


In the winter I am really bad at moisturising my body - I know, I know! It should be the time I pay most attention to doing so but for some reason it's so cold and I hate being wet and cold once I'm out the shower I literally have to get dressed as quickly as possible. If like me you are bad at  moisturising, I really have found the perfect solution. For the most part of winter I have been using this almond shower oil by L'occitane. This has honestly been my saviour, it absorbs in to skin and once under the water it emulsifies and begins to slightly lather up. How is this different from other shower products you ask? Well because it's an oil it really retains moisture and it really keeps my skin hydrated, smooth and very soft. I love almond based products and this has the divine scent of sweet almond oil. 

As you can see mine is close to running out, I will definitely be purchasing another one. It means that if I'm not using a body moisturiser I am still keeping my body hydrated one way or another.

This is a little pricey for a shower product at£16.50 but so worth it, it has lasted me months check it out HERE.

Lots of Love 



  1. That product sounds gorgeous. I hate having to moisturise my body after a shower- its just too cold!! xxx

  2. I am SO bad at moisturising in the winter for the same reason as you! It's just so cold when I get out the shower, I want to wrap up straight away. :)

  3. i love this shower gel its lush :) x

  4. i LOVE the almond firming body oil by l'occitane, I've been mixing one pump with my body lotion all winter, so it's lasted for ages and made a huge difference to my skin - haven't had any dryness, texture is better and fake tan applies like a dream! I'll have to try this next. xx

  5. i'm just like you! my skin needs it MOST in winter but i jump into clothes the second i can and turn lazy. i need some of this asap

  6. I loveeeeee L'Occitane products ( I use to work for the company for three years) You have to try the almond body oil and cream, the body oil has immortelle essential oil in it so it is great for making your skin to appear more radiant and the cream have firming agents in it (look 2 me sounding like I still work there lol) but honestly I luv their stuff, I am currently using the ultra rich shea butter face cream with it being so cold out.


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