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(022) Instagramming Part 9..

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1.Dinner at Wahaca 2. My shoe wall 3. Microwaveable feet warmers 4. My ice rose at TGI's 5.My favourite winter candle! 6. My new white iPhone 4S 7. Fairy cakes and my favourite Paris plate 8. Perfect day off in bed with breakfast and GG 9. Package from Avon 10. Handmade cards in the post from artist/my good friend Shantell Martin in NYC 11. Mmmm Raffaello 12. The start of the snow 13. MF 14. Tea, Cake, Blogging and Shisha 15&16. Morning snow, my front garden. 17. My angels 18. <3 19. I asked my dad for a peanut butter Kit Kat and this is what he got :/ uhohs! 20. Tea and homemade cake from the Farmers market. 

During the short time I was without an iPhone I think I missed Instagram more than anything. I literally Instagram my life away, I really missed being able to do that. I just realised the other day that I have a lot of friend requests on IG but I think I am going to keep it private because I have friends/family pictures on there that not everyone wants me to share. I also quite like doing these posts where I gather my favourites from the feel or so and share with you. I much prefer seeing pictures collectively as opposed to one here and there. Lots of food pics as always, isn't that what winters about? 

Hope you all had a good weekend? Wrap up warm those of you in the UK and Europe.. it's SUPER cold! 



  1. I like this idea of doing a collective instagram thing :)
    All the food and sweets got me hungry :( loool
    I love your blog and would be grateful if you could check mines out too as Im just getting started, thankyou!

  2. Aw I love the Paris plate!

  3. Lovely pics - your shisha is so cute :)

  4. That paris plate is so cute!! And all the food and cakes look so yummy!!!
    Looks like you got lots of snow! we didn't get any at all in liverpool! think we are the only place in england to have not gotten any! xxx

  5. Ha I just baked those fairy cakes for a charity cupcake sale tomorrow...soo tasty :)

  6. I love all your pics! I've become obsessed with Instagram since I got my iPhone toooooo xx

  7. Great shots! I love the shelves in your room!


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