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(017) I whip my BANGS back and forth!



Hello lovelys.. it's been a little while! Sorry I never got round to posting very much this weekend it's all been a bit manic over the last few days, I've just got in from an amazing evening with my close friends Yinka, Muhsine and Tali..I'm sure most of you read their blogs and if you don't YOU'RE CRAZY! We had such a great laugh and Baby Bubbles is truly the most adorable little girl ever. 

For the last few days.. well pretty much all week I have quite literally whipped my hair back and forth and gone back to my old ways. I have gone back to how my hair used to be pretty much all the time. To say my fringe has been irritating me would be an understatement! I have to say having the fringe off my forehead has been really refreshing and ALSO my brows are back in town! They have grown so much through having a fringe it's really allowed me to get them back to a decent shape which requires little maintenance. I actually threaded my brows myself and don't think they came out too bad at all. I am still undecided as to what I  am going to do with my hair/fringe possible a semi side fringe I'm not sure. I'm just waiting for my fringe to grow out so I can get the bluntness of it softened slightly so it's more of a relaxed look. 


Anyways I tried to snap a few pics the other day but failed as my camera died and as I was on my way out I din't have time to charge it. The first picture was taken without flash and the second without. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but if I keep my fringe at this length I get the best of both worlds.. Oh well we shall see!

Oh and here's that token Instagram pic! I still don't have an iPhone after mine got stolen so haven't been able to IG as much as I love to, had to use my iPod Touch for this one. I also feel like I haven't been able to TWEET as much as I usually do which is probably a good thing (It's mainly nonsense!) BUT Still.. Hopefully I will be getting a new iPhone in the next week or so. 


What do you guys think? How have you all been? By the way the lipgloss on my lips is the MAC Creemsheen Glass in 'Deelight' that I posted about HERE. It's so pretty and this is it with just lip liner underneath, definitely a good buy there. 


P.S Had to be done ;) 

Lots of Love 



  1. You look stunning, honestly. Especially in the Instagram photo, you look like a Bollywood star!

    And how jealous of you am I, that you're friends with such lovely people?! Lol, glad to hear you had a fab time =)


  2. You look amazing!Loving the new look, plus your eyebrows look great! I have brow envy now!

  3. I really liked the bangs on you but I much prefer this look, it's a lot more carefree and youthful looking. And you look gorgeous as always! xo

  4. You're looking absolutely gorgeous! xoxo

  5. i love any haistyle on you, fringe, straight, curly, super pretty <3

  6. oh your brows do look different, you lok great with or without fringe!

  7. Beautiful! First time I've ever seen your brows, I love them! So strong and dark. I'm a fan of the blunt fringe and this look on you, both suit you well xxx

  8. Growing out a fringe can be such a pain. Love the lipgloss, beautiful!

  9. You look like Kim Kardashian!:)

  10. you look soo pretty! :)


  11. I'm impressed that you managed to keep a fringe for as long as you did! My sister got one and after about a week she started clipping it back... And I lasted about 2 days with mine! xx


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