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(013) Topshop - Lash Extender


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I haven't reviewed a mascara in a while to be honest I've been trying to use up the ones I had on the go. All of the ones I've tried more recently haven't really been too impressive and nothing worth blogging about. Friday night as I was getting ready I decided it was time to try one of the new ones I had waiting. It just so happened to be the 'Lash Extender' by Topshop make up. 

Usually I tend to go for a volumising mascara as opposed to a lengthening as my natural lashes are already pretty long. I have to say after using this for the first time I was so impressed. I found that my lashes were longer, more defined and a lot fuller, all this without any major clumping. 


I rarely like mascaras the first time I use them I always find that they need to dry up a bit before I actually see them work at their best. The brush is pretty standard but for some reason it works so well on my lashes and even with one coat I was pretty impressed. 

One Coat

Before and After 



Before I could even apply a second coat I was already Tweeting about how much I loved it! With two coats this mascara is such an intense black and I love that. (Bear in mind these pictures are without eyeliner!) 

Two Coats 
top2 copy

If you want to see what this mascara looks like with complete eye make up check out the previous post/

I am so happy with this mascara - one that does it all!  


For some reason it seems to be out of stock on the Topshop website but you can check it out HERE

What mascaras have you been loving lately? Do let me know as I'm always on the hunt for the best ;) 

Lots of Love 



  1. wow - this does look really good - im a fan of million lashes by loreal and have recently been trying the YSL New volume one but your before and after is pretty impressive - im off out to TS to get this!!!

  2. Your eyeslashes look amazing!!! x

  3. I love what this has done to your eyelashes, who knew that a Topshop mascara would be so good? Definitely need to try this out!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. This looks gorgeous- think it helps if you have fab lashes to start with! :-)

  5. Wow thats amazing, it actually works! Thanks for this review!

  6. Wow your lashes look amazing! Deffo wanna try this soon! x

  7. Your eyelashes are amazing! Woah. Seems like a great mascara. Sadly, Topshop isn't where I am to get it and test it out. :(

  8. Oh my goodness, your lashes, wow! I seriously love Topshop make up so I can't wait to check this out, but if it wasn't for your review, I think I would have bypassed it.


  9. I love that mascara on you! I really wish that we had a Topshop in Los Angeles!
    xoxo Debby

  10. Hi Zara, this looks great. I have bookmarked this and will be 100% getting it for next mascara purchase! I love thick long lashes. I'm loving Hourglass Superficial mascara at the moment it just works for me. see

  11. Look at those lashes! They look amazing

  12. oh wow, your lashes look incredible! i think i might pick this up next time i pop into topshop.. thanks for the review! :) xx

  13. Right Zara i'm definately getting this now. OMG! Your lashes look incredible! I'm a sucker for mascaras and i'm always on the lookout for new ones - cheers!

  14. Ooooh love the look of this- your eyelashes look gorgeous! Im cureently using false lash effect- love it! xxx

  15. wow that mascara looks amazing

  16. omg ur so lucky ur blessed with nice lashes. i would rather wear mascara than falsies but im not blessed so i wear falsies everyday

  17. Ohh, looks great!! I also wish we had Topshop in LA:/ I'm loving this sample of the Lancôme hypnose I swiped from my mom! also still loving Benefit's They're Real and Maybelline's falsie.

  18. Omgggggggggg your lashes look crazy long - BIATCH! Oh boo, think this mascara was from their Smokes & Mirrors collection which explains why it's sold out. Gutted!

    I've been faithful to L'oreal's Voluminous but need a change! xo

  19. Thanks ladies.. didn't realise this post would have such a good response! Hope you guys can get your hands on it! xx

  20. Sigh why does this have to be out of stock! I have to use 3 mascaras to achieve this look! Love this!


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