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(011) December Date Night



Me and my bestie spend most of our evenings out and about, drinking tea, smoking shisha and so on. We always tend to visit the same places and do the same things. We both thought it was about time we took advantage of the fact we live in one of the worlds most amazing cities. There are so many places in London that we always say we will visit and never get round to doing so. As a result of this we have decided that at least once a month we are going to visit somewhere random in different areas all over London. That's one of our MANY 2012 plans! I had posted my outfit and make up for this evening a while back HERE. I think nothing beats getting dressed up and spending time with the people you care about the most! 

Back in December just before New Years we went to a restaurant that I have honestly driven past for the last 6/7 years and always said I wanted to eat at. It's a gorgeous Thai restaurant situated on Old Street in East London. When searching online we found the restaurant HERE on Top Table. 


The restaurant itself is spacious, tastefully decorated and the atmosphere was relaxed. As we booked through Top Table we didn't realise but we ended up getting 40% our starters and main courses. Which was a nice surprise!


The food was delicious, I am real fan of Thai food so it doesn't take much to convince me. The portions were huge..We had two staters the Tempura Prawns and some other prawn dish suggested by the waiter. For our mains I had the Massaman curry with Coconut rice and My girl T had the Pad Thai. The mains were so big we ended up taking most of it away. 


It was definitely a place I could see myself eating at again! We are yet to decide where we are going for January date night but I'll be sure to share it with you. 

Check out THAI THAI's website HERE. 

What are your favourite places to eat? Big love to my best friend Tiya.. She puts up with all the dramas, feeds me cake and makes me laugh till I cry! 

Lots of Love 



  1. Sounds like you love the same stuff I do!

    I adore Thai food so I may have to check this place out.

    And I totally agree with you about getting ready - for me, it's a huge part of fun!


    1. I actually think Thai food is my favourite! I really recommend trying this place out.. xxx

  2. I love Thai food too :) I always go for a red curry with bean curd and veg cos im vegan. xo

  3. YUm!!! I love thai food!! When you come back to NYC you have to try Jai Thai- first thai restaurant in NYC!!! Pappaya salad is amazing too!

    have a good weekend hun!

  4. Oh I live Thai Thai, been there a cople of times. Such a nice chilled atmosphere in there.
    My fave place recently is Beach Babylon Blanket in Shoreditch. Great vibe and great food.
    For Thai food, love Mango Tree in Belgravia... They always have deals on Top Table so you should check it out hun x

    1. I love BBB.. I have celebrated my birthday there for the last 2 years! But I have never been for food.. Will have to try it.. I really like the BBB in Notting Hill too! Slightly different vibe.. but still TRES COOL! And I've also seen Mango tree a few times and wanted to eat there so thanks for reminding me! :) xx

    2. Woah, just noticed my spelling... I'm really not illiterate, my IPad has that annoying predictive thing!
      Yeah, I went to the Notting Hill one for drinks but haven't eaten there. You're right is a very different vibe. Slightly older crowd than Shoreditch I found. But very cool x

  5. Yum - Thai is also my fav - this post just made me hungry!!

  6. sounds like fun .. please make this a regular feature as its so cold outside i need some food porn to tempt me to actually leave my house!! !


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