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(001) Writers block..

Happy New Year Fellow Fruits.. 

I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog! It's a new year and I feel this is the time I should be most motivated, but for some reason I'm not. I have to admit I have been really busy, socialising with friends and just making the most of the holiday season. However now most of my friends are back at work and I am focusing on a few projects you'd think I'd be on the ball.. but I feel a little lost at the moment, like I don't enjoy writing my own blog as much as I used to. 

I seem to enjoy Instagramming my life away, my iPhone has even taken place of my trusty DSLR. Uhoh.. not a good sign! 

Here are some pics from New Years.. 

photo copyphoto copy 2MFNYE

I do have lots of exciting things in the pipeline and I hope you guys will stick around, sorry for the lack of posts! I am currently working on my first set of posts for Westfield's Stylenotes Blog which is all very exciting! I will be sure to link it to my own blog when it all goes live. 

Here's what I'm currently doing in an attempt to find inspiration.. 

photo copy 5photo copy 7

However I still find myself staring aimlessly at the screen.. 

How are you!? Are any of you suffering from January 'Writers Block'.. 




  1. Happy New Year Zara! I totally relate to the writers block dilemma, I've suffered from it over Xmas :) Missed your posts x

  2. YES its so hard to get back in gear and I'm so obsessed with instagram to!! OMG I can't stop being on it its just such an amazing app I Love it.

    xo Jenn

  3. I definitely was for a few weeks but lately I've found a little bit of my inspiration back again! :)

    Don't worry, you'll get it back! :)


  4. Nice photos!


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