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As you all know I have been travelling around the states for the last 5 weeks now and well I am the worst person at packing I hate leaving things behind and hate having to choose. Now when I left London I needed some sort of cosmetics bag that would be a good home to all my make up for the duration of the trip. I popped in to Primark and picked up this inexpensive, cute cosmetics bag.


I can not explain how much I regret that choice, OMG it has been the most annoying bag to carry around! Not only is it bulky it hasn't really protected any of my make up. I had to throw so much away because it shattered, within the first few days my make up bag looked like this. Despite the numerous attempts to clean it and make it work it just didn't. 


So when I was in NYC I stopped off at Ricky's which I think is one of my favourite places to buy make up and bits! I saw this make up bag and thought this would be a much better option. 


This holds all my make up! I love that its transparent and I can see where everything is. It's also quite flat which means it's a lot easier to fit into my suitcase. I think it was around $18 which is totally worth it, It has a compartment which fits two of my MAC palettes pretty snug so hopefully nothing will budge!  A simple solution! 



I also picked up the Jergens natural glow body moisturiser! I have a tan from Miami YAY.. and I want it to stay.. well at least for a little while! So I asked everyone on Twitter which they liked the best in America and this was the one that the majority suggested, I haven't felt the need to start using it daily yet. 


Although what I will say is that the texture is really nice, very lightweight and it feels super moisturising once on the skin. From what I have noticed after trying it out a few times is that it has a slight shimmer to it, which just helps the skin look dewy. One thing I am not too keen on is the smell, to me it smells a little too much like fake fan which I don't really like. I will let you know how it works over the next few weeks. 

Hope you are all well.. 

Lots of Love


[178] Ricky's NYC

As you all know I have been travelling around the states for the last 5 weeks now and well I am the worst person at packing I hate leaving t...










Firstly just want to say I hope all my American followers had a great Thanksgiving! It was so much fun being in the states for Thanksgiving and seeing how everyone gets together, I love the idea of the holiday - Eating lots with loved ones and I definitely ate too much!  I am still here in New York, having fun and getting into lots of trouble with Yinka. Have loads of pics I want to upload, thought I'd put these up from the other day! I saw the most gorgeous sunset and it was so beautiful it made me think about how magical the whole trip has been I have had such a great time but I'm looking forward to getting home. I avoided shopping yesterday so I am getting ready to go out today and see what last minute bits I can get, I fly back to Orlando tomorrow and spend a few days there before getting back to London. 

Hope you are all wrapping up warm it's so cold here! I hate the cold although I love the warmth of this time of the year! Lots of festive fun to be had once I get home. 

Lots of Love


[177] Thankful for the Magical Moments..

Hey guys hope you are all well.. it's been wet and miserable in New York. I spent the day chilling with Yinka at her place with the cats. I felt so sad being around cats made me think about going home to a house without one *Sighs*. We went for breakfast at around 4pm  and then chilled. I then went and met one of my blog followers who's become a friend here in the city and we went for a shisha. I have just got in and have a minute before going out tonight so thought I would quickly do a post on the bits that I had purchased in Sephora. 

Stila All Day Liquid Eyeliner 


I have been using the Stila all day liquid eyeliner now for a few days and have mixed feelings on it. I actually really love the pen, especially the nib which allows you to create a really precise line, I always end up messing it up and end up with my typical thick winged liner.


[Excuse the mess I am currently having a HATE/HATE relationship with mascara!]

The colour is also pretty good I am all about intense black liner and this one doesn't fail in this department. The staying power is pretty impressive and it really does last all day and night as a matter of fact. However the only thing I am unsure about is the finish, to me it ends up looking a bit waxy and wet if you get what I meant. You have to work quite quickly or it dries and then creates that cracky crumble effect. One thing I love about Sephora is that you can try things and if you don't like them you can return them. I think I will give this another go then decide wether or not to keep it. I think I will because it's the first pen liner I have liked using in quite a while and for $20 it's really not bad. 


Sephora Creamy Lip Stain 01 Always Red


This Sephora lip stain has become my best friend. I have been wearing this constantly for the last few days. I love it! The colour is amazing it is such a gorgeous red, with a beautiful velvet finish and when I say this baby does not budge I mean it. 


I actually wore it on Sunday night I ate with it, I drank with it, I smoked with it, I literally spent the whole night dancing away and it got to 5 am and my lip was still in place. I can not tell you how much I rate this and one thing I love is that it doesn't dry out my lips. It goes on to the lips almost as a lip gloss, it's creamy in texture and within a few seconds it mattifies leaving solid colour. Yinka bought this in a gorgeous nude colour that I am definitely going back to buy tomorrow I tried it on today and it was beautiful. These are only $12 if you are near a Sephora you need these lip stains in your life. 


Hope you are all well.. It's my last week in the states! Time has flown but I also feel like I have been here forever. I am missing home a little, my friends, my family, my room, all my make up and most importantly I am so tired of living out of a suitcase! It has been amazing and so much fun but need to get back to reality sooner or later. 

How are you all?! 
Lots of Love.. 


[176] Stila and Sephora..









I am now back in the coldness of New York and to think 3 hours away in Miami the sunny South Beach is blessed with beautiful weather! Ughh.. I think I need to consider a serious move to a warmer climate the sunshine just makes me smile! Had a really lazy Sunday today in NYC which consisted of laundry, brunch and then running out to get a pedicure. Think me and Furry are gona head out tonight so the day has been very chilled out. I have caught up with my blog reading, listened to Drakes album some more and I just woke up from a nap. LAZY! A big shout out to my bestie who's birthday it is today!


Can't wait to be back and celebrating and for us to celebrate both of our birthdays! Here's a pic of us in Miami in the summer! 


lots of love.. 


[175] More from MIAMI..

I've been buying things here and there since getting to the States. To be honest there isn't much that I actually need or had to buy. I thought I would share my recent cosmetic/beauty buys. 


OPI nail polish in Mod about you 

This is one of a kind! It was by far my favourite nail polish and then when it dried up I didn't rush to repurchase. Instead I tried to look for similar colours by different brands. The reality is nothing really compares to 'Mod about You' if you don't have this in your collection you NEED it! It's such a perfect milky pink colour. 

Sephora Creamy lip stain in 01 Always Red

I honestly can't explain how amazing this lip colour is. I will upload pictures soon but it is such a perfect red that just doesn't budge. When I came back from Miami in the summer i purchased this in the fuscia colour. Last week when I was in Sephora in NYC I spotted one of the girls wearing this and I literally followed her around the store to dins out what she was wearing. When she told me it was this I just knew I had to have it. It's sp inexpensive at $12. It's a lipgloss applicator and the consistency is quite creamy but the colour pay off is fantastic. 

Victoria Secret Body Mist in Coconut Passion

I can't keep up with VS body range it changes so much and there's always new smells that all smell equally as good. I picked this up in Miami it's just that sweet scent that I love, coconut and vanilla such a yummy combination. 

EOS Lipbalm in Strawberry Sorbet

I just picked this up at Walgreens when I realised I didn't have a lip balm my lips have been so dry lately think it's from all the planes I've been over the last few weeks. These lip balms used to be available in the UK at Space NK but I don't think you can get them anymore. I do feel a little weird popping out this egg and applying it to my lips. The smell is gorgeous and it feels so moisturising with shea butter and vitamin E it really keeps my lips hydrated. 

American Apparel Nails polishes

I always have to take advantage of the 3 for $15 because it's such great value and I really like AA's nail polishes. I bought these three colours and then took they grey back and switched it for the metallic gold. I will no doubt show you these colours closer up when I get to use them. These nail polishes just work for me the colours are fab, the consistency is just right and the brush is the perfect applicator. 

Stila waterproof eyeliner pen 

I will do a close up review when I get to use this more I used it for the first time yesterday and I was super impressed with it. I don't usually like pen eyeliners I find they dry out too quick and they are never black enough and I have to have my eyeliner INTENSE. When I was in Sephora one of the girls tired this on me and it looked amazing. I was instantly sold and the fact that it was waterproof also had me. 


After I purchased these bits I got my Sam Edelman shoes and so I felt it was necessary to go back to AA for the gold metallic nail polish in 'Gold Flash'. I am not a huge metallic fan but there was something about this gold that had me sold. It's a muted gold and is just so eye-catching. I'm quite tanned from my mini break in Miami and the gold works well with the tan. 


I took these pictures with flash on so you can see the shimmer better. 


I have also picked up a few nail polishes from Sephora and OPI as well as the Kardashian and OPI collaboration. I will not allow myself to purchase anymore nail polish! Is there anything else I should check out while I'm here. What are your current favourites? 

Hope you are all having a good weekend.. I am back in NEW YORK and I've spent the last few days hanging out with my girl Yinka. Today is a lazy Sunday I am lounging around in my PJs, doing laundry and about to go for brunch with FURRY ! 

Hope you are all well.. 
Lots of Love.. 


[174] Recent beauty buys..




I love that in Miami I can shop till 12 AM it's amazing and it's so nice out! I just got back to my hotel yesterday evening and immediately had to take pictures to share these babies with you. I tweeted about what colour to get but deep down I knew it had to be BLACK and GOLD. By far my favourite combination, I have wanted a pair of Sam Edelman shoes for a while now but I have always hesitated because of the colour of the studs, When I saw these online I fell in love but then couldn't find any stores here in Miami where I could try them on (I hate shopping online!) So I ended up going for a walk to Lincoln Road just having a shop around and it must have been fate because I looked in to a shop window and there they were. I had been emailing my mum all day about them and it was just such a sign that they just were there staring out at me! The black is velvet and I really like that they are just so gorgeous and mesmerising!

Happy Birthday to me! 


[173] Happy Birthday Zara!


















Tuesday was my 24th birthday and I spent it here in Miami, this is by far one of my favourite places ever. It's just so relaxed, the vibe is amazing and the sunshine makes me smile. When the clock struck 12 I was on Lincoln Rd an area I love here in Miami - Doing what I do best : Smoking shisha and eating cake! The day was spent t chilling out on the beautiful sunny, South Beach. I can't believe how hot it is being November it was nice to spend my birthday in the warmth I think I will be doing that more often! My friend bought me the Drizzy album which was released on birthday, it's the first CD I've had in FOREVER.. I have been really enjoying listening to it. The evening I went to the Jay Z and Kanye concert which was phenomenal, it didn't matter that the seats we had weren't great just being there was insane. By far the best way to end my 24th birthday it was just mind blowing and I am still thinking about it now. 

I am still here in Miami but will be heading back to NYC this weekend, it's bittersweet because I never want to leave sunshine behind BUT there's some serious fun to be had in NEW YORK this weekend as my girl YINKA (Vex) has just arrived.. we are about to go HAM.. Technically it's only fair that I continue celebrating my birthday for the whole month of November and that's what I'm going to do! 

Talk soon.. Lots of Love


[172] 15th November..

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