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The other day the lovely Sabrina tweeted me this pic and told me it reminded her of me. Although I fail to see the resemblance between myself and the gorgeous Kim Kardashian I absolutely love her make up here. I think I prefer her without a fringe but a fringe she still looks amazing here! Having a fringe can sometimes be tricky especially in regards to wearing it with the right make up. I have been all about bright statement lips over the last week and last night was the first time I actually changed it up. I went for my typical smokey eye and nude lip, however this one was slightly inspired by the gorgeous pictures of Kim K. 


My fringe is growing so quick it's already feeling too long think I am going to have to DIY trim it this weekend. 




MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC44 
MAC Studio Finish concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime transluscent powder 

NARS 'Casino' bronzer 

MAC 'Gingerly' (A Kim K fave!)

MAC 'Shimpagne' MSF



MAC 'Ricepaper' e/s inner corner 
MAC 'Honesty' e/s on the lid
MAC 'Shroom' on the lid
NARS 'Mekong' e/s in the outer corner 




MAC 'Yash' lipstick 
NARS 'Morroco' Lipliner 
NARS 'Turkish Delight' lipgloss


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.. lots of love.. 


[069] A look inspired by Kim K

The other day the lovely  Sabrina   tweeted me this pic and told me it reminded her of me. Although I fail to see the resemblance between...


My latest obsession is finding that perfect milky pink nail polish. You know that typical Kardashian colour. I have to say this isn't really what I hoped it would be, BUT I really love it. It's a little more understated than colours I usually go for but sometimes it's nice! I thought the name of this colour was particularly well suited to the Royal wedding today, I didn't think I'd be watching it as I wasn't very interested. In the end I caved and went around to my nans and watched with her, my aunt and my mum. It was actually a nice girly day and I can't write this post without mentioning how beautiful Kate looked and how amazing her McQueen dress was. 


I also get lot's of requests to do jewelry posts and I honestly have so much it would be never ending. So I've decided to share some more of my ring collection through my nail of the day posts (As they are pretty frequent). You guys also only usually get to see my engagement ring (As I always photograph my left hand) so I thought I'd share what I wear on my right hand, I try to coordinate/compliment my nail polish with my jewelry etc. This ring is my white gold Dior Oui ring that the boy bought me nearly 4 years ago. It was my holding ring until we got engaged and I got the rock! He is french, from Paris so Oui was definitely well suited. 


Je t'aime is by Orly and this is part of their new mini mani's which are priced £5 and available from Boots online. I quite like how small these are, they are perfect for traveling with. I was kindly sent this nail polish for review purposes. 

How was everyones Royal wedding day? How did you spend the rest of the day? I have done nothing but eat and laze around! 

Lots of Love 


[068] Oui, Je T'aime


I am continuing on my quest with colour, since having my hair cut I have worn bold lipstick almost everyday. Last weekend was so hot, just like the name of this lipstick! I thought this would be the perfect hue of orange to best suit my mood. Bright and Bold and I love it. So Chaud is a MAC lipstick which is such a striking colour although in these pictures it appears to be slightly red it really is more of an orange based lipstick. The formula is matte so it stands out even more so, this was my second orange lipstick I ever bought and it still remains a firm favourite! 




MAC Studio sculpt NC44
MAC Studio finish concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder


NARS Casino 


MAC Blush Ombre in 'Ripe Peach'


MAC MSF in 'Gold Deposit'



MAC Vanilla e/s
Inglot Gel liner in Black 
Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara
MAC Smoulder eyeliner in the waterline 



MAC 'So Chaud' lipstick

What do you think of Orange lipsticks? I have to say this colour is SOOO similar to NARS velvet matte lip pencil in 'Red Square'. What are your current spring/summer favourites?

Hope you are all well and I hope this sunshine comes back soon.. 
Lots of Love 


[067] Continuing with colour.. 'SO CHAUD'


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Sigma to see if I wanted to review their high definition face brush kit. Obviously I jumped at the chance because I am big fan of Sigma's brushes, some of my favourite brushes are by Sigma. If you want to read more about them click HERE and HERE

Anyways back to the brushes! This kit consists of three synthetic face brush and oh my they are gorgeous. This is the new 'Sigmax' line by Sigma and is all about high definition, flawless make up application. I took these pictures when I first got these brushes and since then I've had a good play around with them and I must say I am so impressed. They really do allow you to apply your make up flawlessly and I really do love being able to buff my make up in. With these brushes that is all made easy, they also feel amazing on the skin, super soft! 

F82 Round Top Kabuki 



I think personally this is my favourite brush from the kit. The rounded end means that it's easy for use with foundation (Powder/liquid). I use a liquid foundation and I feel that the size of this brush is ideal for applying product around hard to reach areas such as under the eyes and around the nose. It gives your foundation a really buffed in look and that something I have tried to achieve with other brushes such as the MAC 109 and MAC 131. The great thing about the F82 from Sigma is that there isn't really absorption of product  onto the fibres. 

F80 Flat Top Kabuki 



Again this another amazing brush for liquid/cream application. I thought I would prefer using this for foundation but in actually fact I find it works particularly well with creme blushers. I know people can often get a but funny with brushes like these especially when it comes to blusher but I have found that again this brush buffs the product really well in to the skin (Without wiping away any other application!) 

F84 Angled Top Kabuki 



My new best friend for contouring, the F84 really allows you to create precise definition with the application of makeup. Even though this brush is quite dense, the way in which they have been designed work surprisingly well in creating a smooth perfected finish to liquid/powder products used for contouring. 

I am really enjoying using these brushes, I am a bit of a brush geek but honestly a good tools make make up application 100 times better! I love that the handles of these brushes are slightly shorter and that they come with brush guards. Amaze! 



[066] Sigma High Definition Brushes


If I'm honest when Barry M released this nail effects nail polish I wasn't impressed nor tempted. I was a little over nail art/effects as it just reminds me of being an experimental teenager. Last week for some odd reason I had the sudden urge to own this, I think it's because I'd seen a woman rocking a white base with the black crackle and it looked HOT! I rushed to my local Superdrug (As you do) and picked it up along with a white polish. I got home painted them and well.. hated them! The black and white just didn't look right on me. Before I totally ruled the Barry M nail effects out I thought I'd give it another go and that's exactly what I did last night. I am still wearing Filthy Gorgeous 'Jim Jams' and I applied the Barry M black crackle over the top and I have to say I am really liking it. 


I think it's slowly growing on me, I also think the colour combination has a lot to do with it. I also dug out this double black stoned ring that I purchased in Miami last year I love wearing jewellery to compliment my nails. 



Have any of you been tempted by the crackle coats? If so what are your favourite colour combinations? What have you been rocking lately?

Lots of Love 


[065] I Caved and 'Crackled'!

Hello Doll-friends.. I feel like it's been a while since we've actually spoken. So here I am, I have been wanting to post all week but it's been pretty busy and my heads generally all over the place. This week was also a year since my best friend from school days passed away so that had been playing on my mind all week. I feel better now and don't worry there's a lot to come over the next week or so, I know I say it a lot but seriously my list of 'To-Do posts' is getting longer and longer. Firstly can I just say how gorgeous the weather has been in London this week/weekend. I am so loving it.. It's making me smile and definitely making me focus on the positive. Ok where to start I feel like this is going to be a HUGE post, I also feel like I haven't posted a FOTD in ages however this ones a little different! 

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that on Wednesday I decided to go for a haircut.. and TA DA! ended up with a fringe/bangs whatever you want to call them. I feel like I really needed the change at first I was unsure if I liked it but now I have to say I am secretly loving my new do. I am going through a lot of changes in life at the moment and this hair sort of signifies a new me. I used to be so experimental with my hair but over the last few years have just let it grow in to that state of BLAH.. easy, one colour, low maintenance hair. Anyways I don't even know if you guys are reading this so I might as well just insert a pic NOW... 


So there you have it..Since having it cut I have to say everyone that knows me and has seen it loves it, which is a good thing! It feels so different and I keep having to  looki in the mirror because it doesn't look like me looking back. I have had a few people say I look like Nickki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Jessie J, Cleopatra and one woman even asked if i was wearing a wig haha! I also can't believe how shiny it looks and trust me I've not been using any hair products on it. 


With the new do I've been saying bye to smokey eyes and hello to statement lips! I think it's good timing as I love wearing colour on my lips when its sunny outside. The colours I have been opting for are orange/reds. I have made good use of NARS 'Red Square', MAC 'So Chaud' and my newest MAC lippie 'Lady Danger'. Lady Danger is gorgeous and I can't believe I didn't own this before. It's a vibrant red with a slight coral undertone. It's AMAZE! 



I have also been absolutely LOVING Inglot's gel black eyeliner. It is unbelievable and like no gel liner I've tried before. The consistency is amazing and it glides on so perfectly. The black is intense and so long lasting, it's actually waterproof  - Which is ideal as my eyes have not stopped watering due to bad hayfever. I am so impressed with this liner right now out of all the ones I've tried this is my favourite. It's also mega affordable at £10 I actually paid £8 as I have an Inglot Make up artist card, I am so considering getting this in more colours. I have not stopped using it since I purcased it, I can't even explain how great it is but for real it's a must try product! 


In other make up news I have changed my concealer, I was previously using MAC's Pro longwear concealer and although I loved the way it initially looked when I applied it I found a few hours on it would have dissapeared and that was a major dissapointment. Before that I was using MAC's studio sculpt but again wasn't wow'd by it. So now I have switched back to one of the first concealers I ever used and that is MAC studio finish concealer. This gives great coverage and I find is a lot longer lasting than any other concealer I have used. I am getting on pretty well with it right now which is important as I have some serious panda eyes to conceal! 

I will quickly give you a make up run down of what I'm wearing in these pics! 



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC44
MAC Studio Finish concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder 



NARS Casino 


MAC Blush Ombre in 'Ripe Peach' (I have also been loving this and have used it almost everyday this week!) 


MAC Wonderwoman MSF 'Golden Lariat' 



Inglot e/s (No idea of the colour its the dusk/sparkly greyish one in my inglot quad]
Inglot Gel liner
MAC 'Smoulder' eyeliner (In the waterline) 
Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara
MAC Zoom lash mascara



MAC 'Lady Danger'


I have also been digging the turqoise/green/teal nails again - It's the sun! it does things to me. I am currently wearing 'Jim Jams' by Filthy Gorgeous such an amazing colour, I always seem to dig out my turqoise jewellery when I wear these colours on my nails. Sorry for no close up of the colour I painted these about 3 days ago and my nails are chipped and I didn't want to share haha! 




Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!? Happy Easter to all those celebrating be good and eat lots of chocolate! P.S Because of this post title I can't stop singing Ricky Martin - She bangs! Tut Tut.. 

Lots of Love.. 


[064] She BANGS, She BANGS..

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