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Suprised by such pretty roses today, I loved them so simple yet so beautiful! I love the pastel colours so summery and it makes me smile. My nails have also been a summery shade of peach, this colour is very similar to Illamasqua's latest release. 


This is L-jay by Filthy Gorgeous and is another colour that I love! I have to say this colour has lasted on my nails since Sunday which is pretty good. I really like the brushes of the Filth Gorgeous nail polishes and two coats is enough.


Oh I want the sunshine back it was gorgeous last week, let's hope it comes back soon! For now I will enjoy my fresh roses, flowers really do cheer me up. 


Hope everyone is well? What colour nail polish are you guys wearing? I have to say I am lacking in nail inspiration.. don't feel as bothered by them! Someone INSPIRE me! 


Lots of Love 


[049] Fleurs et Filthy Gorgeous 'L-Jay'

Suprised by such pretty roses today, I loved them so simple yet so beautiful! I love the pastel colours so summery and it makes me smile. M...


Last night was one of my good friends birthdays, she had drinks in the gorgeous Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill. I decided to christen my Christian Louboutin Big Lips. I hadn't worn them before last night I just though they were too pretty to wear out. I opted for an all black outfit with a mix of textures, accessories were black and gold as always. 


I am suprised how many of you want to see more outfit posts from me, to be honest I am pretty boring when I'm out and I take forever to decide what to wear, get myself late and then have no time to take pics. I will however try to get a proper set up going with the camera/tripod.




I also decided to rock red lips to compliment my red soles. I opted for another NARS velvet matte lip pencil, this one is 'Cruella' its a deeper darker shade and definitely more evening in my eyes. I much prefer wearing a matte lipstick on a night out, red lips are such high maintenance but these lip pencils just don't budge and I love that! I did feel a bit Cruella like in this to be honest, I don't like myself in Red but I am trying to stick to colour.



MAC Studio Sculpt NC44 
MAC Pro long wear concealer in NW35
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder

MAC Refined Golden bronzer

MAC 'All's Good' Blusher

MAC Shimpagne MSF

Eyes (Tired Eyes!) 


MAC e/s 'Ricepaper' in the inner corner 
MAC e/s 'Tempting' all over the lid
NARS e/s 'Nightbreed' in the outer corner 
Shu Uemura Painting liner in black 
Chantecailled Faux cils mascara 



NARS Cruella

I saw this old school red mini and just couldn't help it! 

rd1 copy

rd4 copy

How was everyones weekend? I am having a really lazy sunday as I have a pretty hectic week! I am watching movies and catching up with the blogs. Sorry I haven't posted much I have been so busy with all sorts this week. Just a reminder my giveaway closes tonight.. thank you for your comments I love reading what you have to say.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the spring sunshine, was I the only one who got confused with the clock change?! 

Lots of Love and Red Kisses! 



[048] A RED and BLACK affair..




This weeks favourite product is a fragrance. I sometimes can't believe how much I love this perfume, it's Britney Spears - Fantasy. I have honestly been wearing this since I was about 16 and it's one that I always repurchase. I can't bear not having it in my collection (as sad as that sounds). It is such a distinctive fragrance, so sweet, so girly and so young! My mum hates it haha..that would never stop me wearing it. I think the smell of it takes me back to my teens and probably more specifically, a holiday to Hong Kong where I spent time there with my best friend then. It was my scent of that summer and now it takes me back to all those wonderful memories. I am wearing it as I'm writing this post and the smell just makes me smile! Gotta love a bit of a's sort of my guilty pleasure. 


Had to have a pic with the contrasting green nails! I can't believe it's Monday already it feels as if it was only yesterday I was writing about Oilatum (Which is still going well).

Hope everyone had a good week and weekend? I feel as if the sunny spells cheered me up for sure. What have you been upto? What have you been loving this week? What fragrances do you like at the moment? What do they remind you of? 

Lots of Love 


[047] MFM Ft Britney Spears 'Fantasy'



Not to everyone's liking but so so to mine 'Blah' is a bright bogey green haha. Wow I'm making it sound so attractive but seriously I love the loudness of this colour, to be honest it's probably because my hands have a tiny bit of tan to them so I think it compliments them quite well. I'm just really into neon colours at the moment, it's all about getting excited about brights again and that is exactly what I'm doing. I think this colour is really similar to the new Illamasqua one 'Radium' Carly has done an amazing post on it HERE
, you should check it out! Do you guys remember that film Flubber? with Robin Williams? This green reminds me of that..loves it. This colour is by filthy gorgeous cosmetics and is available at Debenhams. 


What do you think of neon nails? They are slowly making their way back on my fingers..

Lots of Love


[046] Filthy Gorgeous 'Blah'


On a mission to keep colour in my life I deicded to dig out another favourite - NARS velvet matte lip pencil in 'Red Square'. This was one of the first NARS products I bought. I love the velvet matte's for anyone who hasn't tried them they are super soft, really long lasting and most importantly not drying on the lips. Red square is one of my favourite red shades from this range, it is more of an orange toned red and I like that for spring/summer, vibrant yet still sexy. 



I don't know why but whenever I wear an 'I heart NY' tee I feel like I have to rock red lips.. Or whenever I wear this necklace! After rediscovering my love for red sqaure I will be wearing this more often! My skin is quite patchy in areas where my tans fading, very odd and looks weird.


MAC Studio Sculpt NC44/45
MAC Pro longwear concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

MAC 'Refined Golden' bronzer 

MAC 'Peaches' 

MAC 'Belightful' 



MAC e/s 'Femme Fi' in the inner corner 
MAC e/s 'Cork' all over the lid 
MAC e/s 'Mystery' in the crease 
Shu Uemura Painting liner 
Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara



NARS 'Red Square'


Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and a great Sunday? I had a really nice weekend and can't help but smile! :) Must be the sunshine too!

Lots of Love


[045] Rocking 'Red Square'


These NARS illuminators were released last month and lets face it I just couldn't resist. I am a really big fan of NARS blushers and Multiples, I just thing the colours, the textures and the finishes are beautiful. If we cast our minds back to when NARS first released the Orgasm illuminator I know for sure I was not the only one who felt the dissapointment. The consistency was watery,it did very little on the skin and for 'Orgasm' a shade known for suiting all skin tones it practically vanished on to mine. I don't find theres much to dislike with NARS but this was one product that I really felt let the side down. 

Last month saw the rebirth of the NARS illuminator and the introduction of new shades 'Laguna', 'Copacabana', Super Orgasm'  and of course not to forget the newly reformulated 'Orgasm'. WOW what an improvement, this is more of what is to be expected by NARS. The colours are gorgeous with amazing shimmer shot through them. The cosistency is light but blends beautifully. I couldn't decided between the shades and seeing as highlighting products are becoming a firm favourite I chose 'Laguna', 'Orgasm' and 'Super Orgasm'. 



Laguna : Has those gorgeous warm golden tones to it, it really is more of that bronzed goddess look. It's one of the colours that has the least amount of shimmer but definetley a lot of a depth. 

Orgasm : I really believe this colour is for EVERYONE! It's such a lovely mix between a pink and a coral and it has the most gorgeous pearly finish. This to me is a perfect highlight, it looks amazing swept across the cheek bones. 

Super Orgasm : Probably the most glitzy of all the illuminators. Super Orgasm is a lot more pink than I expected. It also has a lot of gold shimmer to it, it may not be visible from the pics but it really is very sparkly. This one I can see myself wearing on a night out.

Copocabana is the other illuminator in this collection but was too much of an 'icy' colour for myself. It looks great on lighter skintones as it has a pretty pink pearl finish. 

Here they are blended a little more out, obviously I would wear them a lot more blended than this but If I carried on blending on my hand it would end up being one sparkly mess! 


Great used : 
On the cheek bones, Under the arch of the brows, Alone the bridge of the nose and a little teeny tiny bit on the cupids bow of the lips. 

On skin alone, Over foundation and Mixed in with foundation for that ultimate glow. 

These illuminators are perfect for creating that dewy complexion that we all want as the sunnier days become more frequent. 

Have you tried any of the NARS illuminators? What are your favourite highlighting products!? 
Lots of Love


[044] NARS Illuminators

I went to dinner on Wednesday night with the girls it was such a great night and as always filled with lots of laughs, Muhsine has posted some pictures on her blog. I have to admit my favourite part of meeting with Yinka, Tali and Muhsine is after dinner when we all pull out our make up bags and see what each of us beauty junkies is using and carrying around.


I have to be honest I am known to be a complete lipstick whore, I carry a minimum of about four lipsticks with me - I know I'm awful. It wasn't until the girls took them all out and lined them up I realised they are all the same shade of a BLAHH brown/pinky nude. WHAT'S HAPPENED TO ME! I used to LIVE for colour on my lips, I was known for my hot pink lips and now I'm all about the same smokey eye, peach cheeks and nude lips. 


These were the lipsticks in my makeup bag on Wednesday night! Tut Tut. 

Prior to dinner we had popped to MAC, I mean how could we not - I was very well behaved and didn't purchase anything! Those who follow me on Twitter will know I am on a make up ban for this month, I just have way too much right now! Anyways in MAC Muhsine picked up 'Impassioned' lipstick now this used to be such a firm favourite of mine, I used to rock it all the time. So I decided I would wear it the next day.. I really needed to inject that bit of colour back into my make up. Muhsine has posted it on her and it looks gorgeous on her but I really think this colour looks different on everybodys skin tone. 

So yesterday as agreed we both wore it! I have to say I loved it, it felt weird at first but I felt so much more alive. It really is such a gorgeous shade it's almost a neon coral but quite a pink one! 



As I put myself on a spending ban I have been digging out old favourites. I have noticed quite a lot of people talking about the Jemma Kid Dewy Glow, it's being compared to MAC's cream colour base. This shade is called 'Iced Gold' and it is such a pretty champagne/pearly colour what I like about it, is that the product is creamy in texture but not sticky and thick it almost has a powder like finish. 



I used this product in this look, I applied it just under the arch of my brow, along my cheek bones a little on the nose and a tad above the cupids bow of my lips. It just gives such a pretty shimmer. 


I have also been rocking such a neon Barbie pink colour on my nails. This one is called 'Funboy' by Rococo at first I was unsure about it but now I totally LOVE it! All the girls at work call me Barbie and well these nails definetley add to that look haha. It is a matte nail polish so I applied a glossy topcoat over it, my hands are still quite tanned and I think this colour works well with it. I can imagine it looking great on the toes on holiday. 





MAC Studio Sculpt NC44/NC45 
MAC Pro longwear concealer in NW35 
MAC Prep and Prime Transluscent powder

MAC 'Refined Golden' Bronzer

Illamasqua Cream blush in 'Dixie'

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in 'Iced Gold'



MAC e/s 'Ricepaper' in the inner corners 
MAC e/s 'Arena' on the lid 
MAC e/s 'Satin Taupe' in the crease 
Shu Uemura Painting liner in Black 
Avon Gel shock liner in the waterline
MUFE Smoky lash mascara

MAC 'Impassioned'


That felt like a long post.. I love rediscovering old favourites! I will try and post some more of these through the next couple of weeks. What old finds have you rediscovered lately? Are you currently more in to nudes and neutrals? Or are you all about colour? 

Lots of Love 


[043] Injecting some COLOUR back into my MakeUp!

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