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Today was the NBBE (National Beauty Blogging Event) at the Excel centre, I have to say I didn't stay very long as I don't really get much from being talked at and the day was compiled of various different guest speakers presenting. I personally benefited more from going around to the participating brands and speaking to them individually. I have to say I was really impressed with the guys at RMK they were so nice, very informative and really generous. They gave me some amazing things to try out and I can't wait to share that with you all. Anyways I woke up so early in an attempt to get there on time and spent hours faffing around at home, I met up with Sam and me and her strolled in fashionably late as always!

I wore my hair straight again, did I say I am liking the change to the curls? I also really wanted to wear a blue smokey eye it must be the denim having that effect on me! I wanted to show you this FOTD even though I'm sure your tired of seeing my face! But it's so you can see how pretty NARS 'Rosebud' lipliner is which I mentioned in my previous post. I am just wearing it here with 'Chelsea Girls' lip lacquer over it.



MAC Studio Sculpt NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number '5'

MAC Prep and Prime transluscent powder


MAC Refined deeper bronze


NARS 'Madly'


MeMeMe blusher in 'Bronze'


(Ignore the tired eyes, I think thats something that isn't going away any time soon!)


NARS 'Okinawa' e/s trio

GOSH Extreme art liner in '07'

Chantecaille faux cils mascara


NARS 'Rosebud' lipliner

NARS 'Chelsea Girls' lip lacquer

How was everyones day? Hope you are all well.. lots of love


[030] EYE SPY with my little eye..

Today was the NBBE (National Beauty Blogging Event) at the Excel centre, I have to say I didn't stay very long as I don't really g...


Happy Monday y'all.. Hope you everyone had a great weekend? I am sure they keep getting shorter and shorter. I can't believe it's Monday, well Monday's over I have a pretty busy week this week and I'm already so tired.



The last week well actually the last month or so I have had so much love for this baby. It's the NARS lipliner in Rosebud. I think if you look through my FOTD's where I've worn a nude-esque lip I have 99% of the time used this lipliner with it. I just love it, the colour is perfect for me it's a little darker than my natural lip colour but really helps create that perfect pout. I often line and fill in my lips with this and then just put a gloss over. I really like the texture of the NARS lip liners they are really soft and they don't dry out the lips which is most definitely a good thing!



Rosebud works so well with my current favourite lipstick Modesty! It's my perfect combo right now.

What have you been loving over the last few weeks? Have a great week... Lots of Love


[029] MFM Ft NARS 'Rosebud' Lipliner


Last night me and my girlfriend randomly ended up out. I say random but its inevitable that when we are together we very rarely sit still. I had a weird Saturday the kind where you laze about and it eventually gets to a certain time of the day where you think DAMN I've done nothing all day! I had the urge to wear jeans, which is odd because I don't actually own a pair of jeans that fit me. So I ran to Topshop and picked up these jeans which I have to say I love. It's so important to me that skinny jeans actually stay skinny/tight. I always find they go baggy at the knees and that really annoys me. These jeans are the Jamie Ultimate skinny jeans I am even thinking of going back and getting them in a different colour. It's so rare that I wear jeans but hey these may very well be the ones! Sorry for the poor pic it was taken on my iPhone and believe it or not the quality is meant to be HD. I also changed out of my bow shirt and opted for a plain black vest.


I mentioned in my post before that I cut my hair recently, it was getting so shapeless before. I now have lots of shorter layers and it means I don't mind wearing my hair straight now and then. It definitely has a lot more volume to it and it generally feels a lot healthier.


Another thing I realised is how much Chantecaille's faux cils mascara has become a holy grail to me, I couldn't find my mascara when doing my make up so I settled for MUFE Smoky lash and I hate it! I feel like it did absolutley nothing for my lashes, I have become so used to using the Chantecaille mascara and really achieving fully fluttering eyelashes.

The last thing I wanted to add is that I am still so crazy in love with MAC's 'Modesty' lipstick it is all I wear and I have never got through a lipstick so quick. It's almost 3/4 way down. Did any of you pick it up?


MAC Studio Sculpt NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number '5'

MAC Prep and Prime Transluscent powder


MAC 'Refined Deeper Bronze'


MAC 'Gingerly'


MeMeMe blush in 'Bronze'


MAC 'Magnetic Fields' e/s All over the lid

MAC 'Black Tied' e/s in the outer corners

NARS 'Night breed' in the crease

GOSH Artliner in 'No.7' Black

MUFE Aqua Smoky lash mascara


NARS 'Rosebud' lipliner

MAC 'Modesty'

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend? I have been pretty lazy.. tut tut and have not stopped eating.. someone help me! Have a really busy week this week will try and stay on top of posting. If not have a good one. Hoping to meet some of you at the events going on this week? NBBE? Benefit? Illamasqua?

Lots of Love


[028] In those Jeans..

Hey lovelys.. I have some really exciting news to share. I have been contacted by Virgin Trains to get involved in their 'Virgin Value Challenge' it's a really exciting project they have going on and I am one of the lucky bloggers that has been chosen. The concept of the challenge is to be as creative and cost effective as you can. I have been given £250 to spend on a day out to one of the destinations that is along the Virgin trains route. The money can be spent however I like (obviously not on a new on wardrobe) but on activities that keep me occupied for my time away. I need to spend the whole amount not a penny more or a penny less!

I have after much research decided on my destination, which if you couldn't tell from my title is Liverpool. I have decided to head down at the end of the month for two days with a friend of mine. The money provided will cover our travel, overnight stay and much more! I wanted to write this post to give you all a heads up and see if you have any suggestions on things to do in Liverpool, or even any money saving tips. I have already managed to grab myself a great deal on Groupon for a fish pedicure in a spa in Liverpool for an amazing £8 instead of £20. I've been wanting to have this done for ages, I'm a little nervous because I am super ticklish, anyone had it done before?

I am really looking forward to finding fun things to do in Liverpool on a budget. It will be my first time visiting so I am really looking forward to it.

I want to make this a really cool, creative two days away so that I can be in with a chance of winning this challenge! I will keep you posted on my findings and obviously my adventure.

Lots of Love


[027] Virgin Value Challenge - Lead me to Liverpool!



Hey dolls.. I promised you that as I used the goodies from MAC LFW I would post pictures. To be honest I really didn't want to post these pics because I don't really like them but hey ho. I am finding it really hard to find foundation that is the right colour for me. I am tanned but it's different to times before, if that makes any sense at all. My skin isn't great at the moment and it shows it's a combination of bad diet and terrible sleeping patterns. My hair also looks shorter, I have had it cut but don't be fooled by the pictures it's not that short!


On sunday I decided to give the Wonder Woman blusher in Amazon Princess a go. I do like it, well I liked it more in real life. It's such a pretty pink, quite a bright one though! I haven't worn pink blusher in ages, I tend to be leaning more towards the bronze and corals.



I used a small amount of MAC Studio sculpt in NC45 just on my cheeks blended out! (Because it's still too light for me!)

Laura Mercier Secret concealer in 'Number 5'

MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder


MAC Bronzer in 'Refined Deeper Bronze'


MAC WW 'Amazon Princess'


MeMeMe Blush in 'Bronze'


MAC Pinky Sparkly e/s (Sorry I don't know the name it was from a holiday palette)

NARS'Nightbreed' e/s in the outer corners

Shu Uemura Painting liner in 'Black'

Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara


NARS 'Rosebud' lipliner

MAC 'Faux' lipstick

So there you have it! Do you prefer Pinky blushers? Or Coral? Bronze?


[026] Pink Friday avec 'Amazon Princess'


I've been eyeing up this super bronzed blusher by MeMeMe Cosmetics for some while now and as I'm pretty tanned from my holiday I figured it would be perfect timing to enhance it! This blush is gorgeous, super shimmery and ideal for giving you that glow. I don't think I could ever use this as a blusher it's just way too shimmery, however as a highlighter its gorgeous golden tones really work well.


I am really impressed with the pay off of this colour, very true to life and long lasting on the skin. I always get confused when buying make up from Boots/Superdrug I just find it's make up overload and I end up picking up whatever and never really being fully satisfied. This product is definitely one of my best drugstore purchases. I know there was a lot of hype of MeMeMe a few months back I kept meaning to check them out and now I finally have I am definitely impressed with what I see. MeMeMe blushers have that Benefit-esque packaging along with the mini brush and at around £8 they are just a fraction of the price.


Here's just a swipe of the colour, super pigmented!

Have any of you tried anything from MeMeMe Cosmetics? What do you think? Lots of Love..


[025] MeMeMe - Blush Me! in 'Bronze'


As a follow on from my London Fashion Week post I just wanted to share the goodies I received from MAC. We were throughly spoilt and these products are perfect in regards to Spring/Summer 11 make up. I haven't really tried any of the products on myself but will most likely getting round to that this week. So do pop back for a more thorough review of these and no doubt some pictures.


One of the key things we recieved was a mini folder full with the ss11 runway looks from many major fashion houses. I love flicking through photos of makeup I find it so inspirational, I picked out a few that really attracted me.






Wonder Woman Collection



We were sent away with two products from the new Wonder Woman collection. I received the 'Golden Lariat' Mineralize skin finish, which I have to say is gorgeous. I rarely by MSF's I don't know why but this one is particularly fabulous because of the brightly coloured packaging, OK so it's not everyones cup of tea but I like it, also the size of this MSF is huge!


The MSF is divided in to 3 colours which make it a great all round face product you have a colour ideal for contouring, a blush and a highlight. I tried to swatch them but they hardly showed up on my hands because I'm still quite tanned. With all the products mentioned I am hoping to feature them on up-coming FOTDs.


The other product was the 'Amazon Princess' blusher which is a gorgeous pink/pinky bronze blusher (The photos don't really do it justice!). This blush is really pigmented and I am going to definetley give this a go soon, as I think it will work well with my tan (which is sadly fading!)

Juxt Eyeshadow


Bright eyeshadow is definitely a huge hit for SS11. I remember watching Nic from Pixiwoo do a bright green eye, teamed with a coral lip and I loved the look. Check it out">HERE . This green eyeshadow is gorgeous, really bright with a subtle shimmer to it. I love wearing colours like this as the days get brighter.

Vegas Volt Lipstick


Statement lips are definitely another key trend for SS11. This colour is so sexy, I seem to have all the other MAC colours in the same family as Vegas Volt but god knows how I missed out on this little gem. Its bright, vibrant and I love it. I can't wait to share it with you in FOTD.

Pink Lemonade Lipglass


I first read about Pink Lemonade on Muhsine's Blog, it looked gorgeous on her and I had been meaning to try it for some while. It's a beautiful balance of pink and coral lipgloss. I would even wear this over Vegas Volt.

As well as these we were given the new 'Prep and Prime skin brightening serum' which shall be an interesting product to try out. 'Peachtwist' blusher which I already have and love! Lastly was 'Lingering' eyebrow pencil which is definitely too light for me but great for the kit or a friend!

Do you have any of the products mentioned? What are your opinions? As I'm yet to try these out properly? Have you bought anything from the Wonder Woman collection? Do you have your eyes on anything?

Lots of Love


[024] MAC Goodies - Perfect for SS11!

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