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[193] Berry Berry Dark Days..


Last night me and my GF went out for dinner (Post to Follow) I decided to go for a pretty dark lip which I wasn't sure about. However the fact that it complimented my dress and my nails was enough. I think the best thing about winter is being able to reach for darker colours within your make up palette and just have fun with it. 


The dark lip I am wearing is a Lip Velvet in 'Casis' by Laura Mercier which to me is a creamy lip stain similarly to the Sephora ones I always rave about the only difference is this one has a slight gloss to it. I usually prefer to have a matte dark lip so the semi gloss finish was probably what I was unsure about. The texture of the lip velvets are gorgeous, very smooth and hydrating. Check them out HERE


I am also so fed up with my hair, my fringe is growing so quick it's really beginning to annoy me. Part of me is ready to grow it out but the other part is unsure? What do you guys think? I was also looking through old pics the other day and It just confused me even more! 

Here's a little sneak peak of an amazing necklace I got for Christmas. I love it and have been wearing it everyday since it's a sand timer. I didn't do a Christmas post because I've been so lazy at taking pictures but when things come up I will share them with you! 


MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC44/45
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35
MAC Prep and Prime Transluscent powder

NARS Casino 

NARS Lovejoy 

MAC MSF Gold Deposit 

NARS Rajasthan (Gold) e/s
INGLOT Gel liner in 77 Black 
MAC Mascara 

Laura Mercier Lip Velvet in Casis

Heres a mirror pic of what I wore. It's not very clear but my Tripod wasn't set up and I don't have a space that I'm happy with when it comes to taking outfit pictures. I will work on this for 2012 as  I have just found my remote for my camera.


Shirt Dress Birthday Gift 
Moschino Vintage Belt 
Tights from M&S
Cheap Monday Boots
Forever 21 Jacket from NYC
Velvet bag Next (Last Year) 

Do you guys delve for the darker colours in Winter?



  1. You could always put on some Lipcote to matte your lippy out!
    Looking gorgeous as always hun xx

  2. You look great :) The fringe suits you sooo much :D

  3. Wow you look stunning!! I do love dark reds in the winter :) xx

  4. The dark lips suit you! I'm really loving dark lips at the moment and MAC Hang-up is currently my favourite :)

  5. U look stunning as always,love e berry lips!

  6. I think you suit the dark lip look, it really compliments your olive skintone! :)

    I try to wear darker colours in the winter but not on my lips though. I'm fine with darker blush or dark eyes but not lips. I made a mistake by going out with dark purple lips once. It's not that dark colours don't look good, it's just that I'm so used to my nude and pink lipsticks-it's hard for me to break the habit!

  7. I am in love with darker lips lately, i need to check that LM colour it looks stunning on you. I love MAC media and MAC craving.

  8. I love berry colours! Great with your hair and skin tone! I also have serious fringe envy!

  9. LOVE that lippy on you! looks superfab xx

  10. I love darker lips in winter... Feels very luxourious.
    Your fringe is awesome, frames your face so perfectly and really makes your eyes pop!
    Happy new year! Xx


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