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I do have a blog list at the top of my page but here's a quick mention to the blogs I've loved for 2011. Call me bias because some of these girlies are my friends but hey I genuinely love reading their blogs. If you don't already read them make sure you check them out! To be honest most of these blogs are more fashion related although I tend to focus more on writing about beauty I generally prefer reading more style based blogs.

1. Yinka at Vex In The City
2. Tali at The Gloss Goss
3. Muhsine at Bubblegarm
4. Shirley at Meek N Mild
5. Sam at Beauty Crush
6. Lexi at Fashion Filth
7. Laura at Buy Now Blog Later
8. Chloe at The Hollywood Heels
9. Suzi at Style Suzi
10. Sabrina at A Little Obsessed
11. Karla at Karlas Closet

What have been your favourite blogs of the year? Any you recommend me checking out? I am always on the look out for new reading material. 

Lots of Love



  1. Here are three amazing blogs I follow. (she reminds me so much of you!..not sure why!)

    Hope you like them! :)
    Esha (

  2. I follow most of these! But I'll check out the other ones too.

    You can check mine:

    I recommend


    The Sunday Girl:


    I do follow about 200 blogs so there's so much more to recommend :)


  3. You are already aware of three of my fave blogs which one is yourself.

    I also recommend Huda Beauty:,
    Viva Luxury:,
    Urban Bedou Girl:,
    Butterhotshoes: ..

    Enjoy! kisses, S.

  4. i think is the only one not mentioned here yet!

    mine is x

  5. THis is too Sweet, Merci beaucoup ma belle <3

  6. you can check out this blog nothing much to read but it is a very cool fashion blog. i love her

  7. Great post!
    I am a new follower.


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