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[188] It's MOULDY!


I haven't done a FOTD/N post in a while and well last week I went out for my best friends, friends birthday and had some time to kill before hand so I snapped a few pics. It has been such an incredibly busy/long week for me and I am so happy it's the weekend and of course.. CHRISTMAS! Even though I am not Christian we have always joined in with the festive fun and I love this time of year. 

You may notice in the pictures that my bedroom has changed, my mum decorated it whilst I was away in the states. I absolutely love it and can't wait to show you what it looks like when it's all finished. 


My make up is generally the same on a day to day basis at the moment with the odd change to lip colour, but this is more or less how I wear it. I am really sticking to basics when it comes to cosmetics sometimes it's nice to quit the complications and enjoy the products I love dearly. I have however, been wearing this relatively new lipstick by 'By Terry', it is so gorgeous pretty similar in colour to MAC's Modesty which has become my holy grail but the texture of this lipstick is such a dream. It is so silky smooth on the lips, really moisturising and has such a beautiful finish. It's not a glossy finish but has a great shine to it. 

MAC Studio sculpt NC44/45
MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35

NARS Casino 

NARS Torrid 


MAC Mulch e/s
Inglot gel liner in 01 Black 
MAC Mascara


By Terry Terribly lipstick in 102


I very rarely take out my camera it's too big and bulky on night on nights out. I do have a compact digi camera somewhere but I hardly ever use it! So what other way than through Instagram.. 


Hope you are all well.. I have loads of posts to come over the next week or so. I know I always say that but I will have a lot more free time soon so expect a lot more, especially in to the new year! I also wanted to say a big HELLO to a few followers that have come and said hello to me over the last week. In two days I was recognised at MOULDYFRUIT three times which is pretty crazy and it still amazes me! I get a bit shy when people recognise me and believe me I'm not really a shy person! So thank you for saying HI it makes my day and I appreciate all the support from all my readers! This has become a bit of a chit chat post.. but it has been a WHILE! 

Lots of Love and Merry Christmas 



  1. Love ur Fotd/n so gorgeous&loving e fringe!

    Have a happy&blessed festive season regardless what u said lol

  2. you look lovely as always! The by Terry Terribly lipstick reminds me of Macs Half 'n' Half..It looks lovely on you! xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I adore the way you do your eyeliner!

  5. Love your make up as always. It was great bumping into you, I LOVE LOVE your blog and it was great to see you in person xx


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