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[185] Glossybox for men..


To be honest I am a little reluctant to blog about beauty boxes as I feel they have taken over the blogging world. I do think they are a great way of discovering new products and allowing people to try small sized samples before committing to buy. However I am just a little bit bored of reading about what's in peoples' monthly beauty boxes. I understand if you've used the product and want to review it but just listing what you get each month gets a little bit boring - shoot me for being honest! SORRY! 

With that aside I wanted to share with you something that I really like the idea of! I present to you GLOSSYBOX for Men.

Yes that's right - Now men can join in the fun too! I know I have a silent male following and so this is for all of you out there (I know most of you are my male friends haha.. BIG UP yourself FURRY!) I know loads of guys that are really in to grooming and looking after themselves and I think WHY NOT? I like it when a guy takes pride in the way in which they carry themselves right down to the skin care and hair care. So I think the Glossybox for MEN is a fantastic idea! 


I find that the majority of men are less likely to go on the hunt for beauty products like us females. The GLOSSYBOX for Men is a great way for you males out there to trial mini, sample sized products to see how you get on with them. I was sent the very first GLOSSYBOX for Men and I think it's great! I have to be honest and say that I actually think I like it more than the women's one.. SSSHHHH.. GLOSSYBOX for Men is available quarterly and has an amazing 7 deluxe samples to try. In this seasons GLOSSYBOX for Men there is a good mix of hair care, skin care, body and fragrance.

I also think with Christmas around the corner why not treat the man in your life to a GLOSSYBOX for Men subscription!? Check it out HERE.

What do you think of this?

Lots of Love



  1. There's a Glossybox for men?! :o
    Great post :)

  2. Thats such a fab idea! It would be a great present too xx

  3. I think I like the Men's glossy box more aswel haha, though they are paying more to get a wider range of products... I might get my boyfriend one of these for Christmas :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. Wow... I'm a little jealous that their one looks nicer than ours! And yes - I'm so bored of Glossybox reviews...

  5. Zara totally agree with you about these over-reviewed Glossy Boxes so damn bored by them x

  6. I like that! They get a lot of great things. I Like it better too

    xo Jenn

  7. you are correct majority of men are less likely to go on the hunt for beauty products like us femalesBeauty products


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