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[184] Life through my instagram cam..Part 8


1.Hollywood Hills 2.Kado 3.Barbz the mascot 4.Poolside 5.Orlando 6.Fireman 7.Barbz 8.Miami breakfast 9.South Beach 10.Palm trees 11.Collins 12.Dunkin 13.NYC Sunset 14.Rims in the closet 15.Cheesecake 16.Columbia 17.NYC Taxis 18.Bubble tea! 19.Empire state of mine 20.Flatiron 21.TimesSq 22.Spikey Sams 23.2am Pinkberry 24.Lucky charms! 25.Best Coffee in Rotterdam 26.AV 27.Rotterdam 28.J Cole and Flo 29.Gorilli store 30.Never without my mango! 31.Hubby Pharell! 32.AV Just Tatted 33.MR Nice watch 34.A whole new world! 35.Celebrate! 36.Petit Filous! 37.Kristmas Krispy Kremes 38.French Breakfast! 39.Oxford St Xmas lights 40.Haircut at RUSH! 

I am going through the process of removing all the pictures on my phone I have around 3000 which takes up around 9GB of my phone! I have been taking pictures on my beloved Instagram app constantly throughout my travels, so thought I'd share some from the last month or so. I thought I'd keep them small because they look pretty cute! I love taking random pictures they also give me something to look back on! 

So for now.. it's time Shake it Shake it like a polaroid picture!



  1. Zara that picture of the Hollywood hills is absolutely breathtaking! Absolutely love it! Need to go there one day! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us! Such stunning photos! xxx

  2. Wow! All those photos look amazing! That bright blue sky at South Beach makes me really want a holiday!! xxx

  3. thanks for sharing those pic


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