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[178] Ricky's NYC

As you all know I have been travelling around the states for the last 5 weeks now and well I am the worst person at packing I hate leaving things behind and hate having to choose. Now when I left London I needed some sort of cosmetics bag that would be a good home to all my make up for the duration of the trip. I popped in to Primark and picked up this inexpensive, cute cosmetics bag.


I can not explain how much I regret that choice, OMG it has been the most annoying bag to carry around! Not only is it bulky it hasn't really protected any of my make up. I had to throw so much away because it shattered, within the first few days my make up bag looked like this. Despite the numerous attempts to clean it and make it work it just didn't. 


So when I was in NYC I stopped off at Ricky's which I think is one of my favourite places to buy make up and bits! I saw this make up bag and thought this would be a much better option. 


This holds all my make up! I love that its transparent and I can see where everything is. It's also quite flat which means it's a lot easier to fit into my suitcase. I think it was around $18 which is totally worth it, It has a compartment which fits two of my MAC palettes pretty snug so hopefully nothing will budge!  A simple solution! 



I also picked up the Jergens natural glow body moisturiser! I have a tan from Miami YAY.. and I want it to stay.. well at least for a little while! So I asked everyone on Twitter which they liked the best in America and this was the one that the majority suggested, I haven't felt the need to start using it daily yet. 


Although what I will say is that the texture is really nice, very lightweight and it feels super moisturising once on the skin. From what I have noticed after trying it out a few times is that it has a slight shimmer to it, which just helps the skin look dewy. One thing I am not too keen on is the smell, to me it smells a little too much like fake fan which I don't really like. I will let you know how it works over the next few weeks. 

Hope you are all well.. 

Lots of Love



  1. I love Jergens natural glow, I've been using it for a long time.

  2. What a shame about the first bag because it's SO cute! xxx

  3. I love clear cosmetic bags. Glad you are having a wonderful trip so far!

  4. My makeup bag is also very dirty when i travel hehe! I either wash it or buy a new one:P

  5. Hope you had fun here :)

    Following you now!!

  6. oops, that sucks, hope you didn't have to throw away anything too expensive :(


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