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[177] Thankful for the Magical Moments..











Firstly just want to say I hope all my American followers had a great Thanksgiving! It was so much fun being in the states for Thanksgiving and seeing how everyone gets together, I love the idea of the holiday - Eating lots with loved ones and I definitely ate too much!  I am still here in New York, having fun and getting into lots of trouble with Yinka. Have loads of pics I want to upload, thought I'd put these up from the other day! I saw the most gorgeous sunset and it was so beautiful it made me think about how magical the whole trip has been I have had such a great time but I'm looking forward to getting home. I avoided shopping yesterday so I am getting ready to go out today and see what last minute bits I can get, I fly back to Orlando tomorrow and spend a few days there before getting back to London. 

Hope you are all wrapping up warm it's so cold here! I hate the cold although I love the warmth of this time of the year! Lots of festive fun to be had once I get home. 

Lots of Love


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