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[176] Stila and Sephora..

Hey guys hope you are all well.. it's been wet and miserable in New York. I spent the day chilling with Yinka at her place with the cats. I felt so sad being around cats made me think about going home to a house without one *Sighs*. We went for breakfast at around 4pm  and then chilled. I then went and met one of my blog followers who's become a friend here in the city and we went for a shisha. I have just got in and have a minute before going out tonight so thought I would quickly do a post on the bits that I had purchased in Sephora. 

Stila All Day Liquid Eyeliner 


I have been using the Stila all day liquid eyeliner now for a few days and have mixed feelings on it. I actually really love the pen, especially the nib which allows you to create a really precise line, I always end up messing it up and end up with my typical thick winged liner.


[Excuse the mess I am currently having a HATE/HATE relationship with mascara!]

The colour is also pretty good I am all about intense black liner and this one doesn't fail in this department. The staying power is pretty impressive and it really does last all day and night as a matter of fact. However the only thing I am unsure about is the finish, to me it ends up looking a bit waxy and wet if you get what I meant. You have to work quite quickly or it dries and then creates that cracky crumble effect. One thing I love about Sephora is that you can try things and if you don't like them you can return them. I think I will give this another go then decide wether or not to keep it. I think I will because it's the first pen liner I have liked using in quite a while and for $20 it's really not bad. 


Sephora Creamy Lip Stain 01 Always Red


This Sephora lip stain has become my best friend. I have been wearing this constantly for the last few days. I love it! The colour is amazing it is such a gorgeous red, with a beautiful velvet finish and when I say this baby does not budge I mean it. 


I actually wore it on Sunday night I ate with it, I drank with it, I smoked with it, I literally spent the whole night dancing away and it got to 5 am and my lip was still in place. I can not tell you how much I rate this and one thing I love is that it doesn't dry out my lips. It goes on to the lips almost as a lip gloss, it's creamy in texture and within a few seconds it mattifies leaving solid colour. Yinka bought this in a gorgeous nude colour that I am definitely going back to buy tomorrow I tried it on today and it was beautiful. These are only $12 if you are near a Sephora you need these lip stains in your life. 


Hope you are all well.. It's my last week in the states! Time has flown but I also feel like I have been here forever. I am missing home a little, my friends, my family, my room, all my make up and most importantly I am so tired of living out of a suitcase! It has been amazing and so much fun but need to get back to reality sooner or later. 

How are you all?! 
Lots of Love.. 



  1. Wow that lip stain is amazing, such a gorgeous colour.
    Im so jealous you r in america, i realllyyy want to go!

    Holli x

  2. Love that lip stain i need to get it too !

  3. i love that lipstain! i must get it! i love wearing a bright red lip but i hate all the drying lipsticks out there and the fact you have to apply and apply again.

    glad you've had a great time in the states thus far!

  4. Hmm might need to get that lipstain. So far my favorite is Stila's Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Muse. I think the shade Patina would look great on you!

  5. what a fashionable and wonderful blog ! I like the colors of pictures there that you've posted ,and I enjoy reading the stories you've told . Great job ! Loved ! And I've followed you ,can you follow me ? Kisses . :)

  6. That lip stain is gorgeous! I love your eyeliner aswell :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: Francesss__


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