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[170] Nicole by OPI - Kardashian Kolours

To be honest I am a little over the Kardashians, but a few months ago when I heard about their Kollaboration with Nicole by OPI I was a little excited. I have to say the Kardashians always seems to wear the right colours on their nails and I find they stand out more so than any other celebrities, so there I was expecting big things from this collection. I have to say I was majorly let down! I bought nail polishes just for the sake of it and they are ok but I nothing to jump for joy about. 


Kim-Pletley in love? I think not?! I thought this colour was going to be that perfect baby pink shade we often see Kim rocking but it really wasn't. Instead this colour is a sheer baby pink with a lilac iridescent shimmer to it. I really didn't like the application of the colour in the pictures I applied 3 coats and a top coat and it still felt patchy and uneven. The colour to me is just OK, nothing like what I had expected it to be. 



I then decided that it needed a bit of oomph so I applied 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie' over the top to give that super glitzy girly look. 



I don't usually like glitter but this one is fun and I actually didn't mind it after a while. It has been on my nails for the last 4/5 days now and I am sitting here writing this trying to get this off! It is a nightmare to remove as is the case with most glitter polishes. This sparkle is really hard to photograph, I tried my best. It actually looked really pretty with the Kim pink underneath. 



The other colours in the collection to me were pretty standard nothing particularly stood out. Have any of you checked out the Kardashian Kolours? What are your thoughts? These polishes are available exclusively to Walmart. 

I bought a few new bits from Sephora the other day and can't wait to share them with you, I met such an amazing MUA in Sephora and actually spent about 2 hours with her playing around with products. She was so cool so big shout out to you Abigail!

Lots of Love 



  1. I can't wait until the Nicki Minaj OPI collaboration is released!

  2. Oh the glitter looks the same as Rainbow Connection from the Muppets collection

  3. Ahhhh I love this glitter polish! It looks Amaze....!

    It would probably make me crazy though as I'd be picking it all off!

    Jo xx

  4. I really want to try out the Kollaboration, but disappointed to know you were disappointed :( The name is ironic too!

    Can't wait to get the Nicki Minaj collab, but will have to try and ebay since I live in England too!


  5. Love them both together, fab combo!!

  6. The only color that intrigued my was the Khloe had a little Lam-Lam, but as for the rest, I've already seen dupes by other brands for much cheaper. Love your blog! You're GORGE!

  7. gorgeous colour!!

  8. I wasn't too keen on their collection either... Really looking forward to the Nicki Minaj collection though!!

  9. so annoying they're only available in the US :( i want them!


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