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[167] Sephora by OPI 'It's Hippo to Be Square'..

Hey guys.. hope you are all well, yesterday I was feeling pretty low as I found at my cat of 14 years passed away over the weekend. I honestly feel so heartbroken and I guess being away from home doesn't help at all, he was such a part of the family it will be like going home to a different house :( . So in an attempt to do anything to take my mind off things I headed to Sephora yesterday and made some unnecessary nail polish purchases. This was one of the colours I picked up. It's from the Sephora by OPI collection and I love the colour it's like a whitey lilac that is just so pretty. 


'It's Hippo to be square' only needed two coats and the consistency is just perfect. It's very girly and I like that. I also picked up another colour that no doubt I'll share with you when I try it this week. This colour reminds me of OPI's 'Mod about you' which I need to repurchase. It's that milky pink kind of colour that I'm sure most of you have seen if not on my blog then on another beauty lovers blog. It's such a must have colour for everyone! This colour is a lot more lilac than it but it's in the same colour family. 



Obviously not much can really make me feel better about the loss of my cat right now, but indulging on this last night made me forget about it for a split second. 


It was obviously shared! But I have to admit it is by far the best red velvet cake EVER! It's from The Cheesecake Factory and was just divine.. But it has to be shared because because it's totally calorific! 

Hope all is well with everyone.. What have you all been up to?

Lots of Love



  1. sorry for your loss hun<3

  2. I am so sorry for your loss Zara :( big hugs! xx
    That nail vanish looks gorgeous though. And what a yummy looking cake! :) xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your cat. I had to sell my dog last week, so i know how u feel. I was heartbroken to have to make the desicion (he was aggressive towards my children).
    Love the colour of your nails, i need more purple polishes.
    That cake looks amazing! My mums been to the cheesecake factory, she couldnt decide what to have. I want to go so bad!

    Holli x

  4. So sorry to hear about your cat hun >HUGS<. I love your short square nails, they look so trendy and man they look strong. Oh Em Geeeee!! That Cheesecake looks amazing xx

  5. I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you're well, xoxo

  6. I'm SO sorry for your loss! I have two cats that I love so much, so I can imagine how you feel. Hugs! <3

  7. the shape of your nails is perfect! nice job! xxx

  8. Oh I'm so sorry for your loss hun, I have one myself & can only imagine how you are feeling as I do love her muchly! Take care lovely

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. sorry for your loss..xXx da clolour btw:]

  10. Great colour! I love Sephora by OPI polishes if only we could get them in the UK


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