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[165] Current favourite fragrances..

Hey my lovely people, hope everyone is well! Sorry I haven't had a chance to catch up with you all I have been in the states for a week now and it's been non stop from state to state and city to city. I have already been on 7 planes - Isn't that crazy! Today I am enjoying the sunshine of Orlando and most definitely a well over due lie in. I have been writing posts all along my travels, I even have some from before I left London. I just need to get my act together and get the photos taken and the posts all up. 


Today's post is a fragrance one, I thought I'd share 3 of my favourites right now. These are with me on my travels and I feel like they are all so different and are definitely my current picks when it comes to fragrance! 

Vivia la juicy 

This is such a fruity, fresh summer scent. I thought this would be perfect for being in the sun. I wore this all weekend in California the temperature was around 28C which was so beautiful this fragrance is light, sweet and super girly. Top notes are wild berries, mandarin blended with the base notes of honeysuckle, caramel and vanilla.  
Juicy Viva La Juicy starts at £35 - £62 for EDP and available to buy HERE

Tom Ford Black Orchid 

I absolutely love this as an autumn/winter fragrance. I thought it would be ideal for the colder evenings especially when I'll be in New York. There is something so warm yet deep and dark about this smell. It is so sexy and has top notes of Black truffle, Ylang Ylang and black currant this fragrance is so distinctive and I love that about it.
Tom Ford Black Orchid starts at £45-£80 for EDP and available to buy HERE 

Paco Rabanne Lady million

This has become my signature scent this year, I absolutely love everything about it. I've been wearing it since February and I just find it so womanly for me I find it perfect day or night, whatever the occasion. Top notes are neroli, bitter orange and raspberry combined with the base notes of honey and patchouli. 
Lady Million starts at £32-£55 and available to buy HERE

What are your current favourite fragrances? 

Lots of Love 



  1. My current favourite scent would have to be Parisienne- purely because it's my boyfriend's choice! He got it for me last week along with the matching 50ml shower gel and body lotion. xx

  2. oooh i'm so intrigued by the tom ford black orchid. will definitely have to check it out!

  3. I agree with the paco rabanne lady million one, i have this & love it! xx

  4. Hope you're having a lovely break love! I love Tom Ford fragrances - especially for this time of year... so musky and warm - you have to try his new one - Violet Blonde x

  5. Tom Ford and juicy I've tried before and they are good....everyone keeps raving about the Paco Robanne.....hmmm


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