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[146] NARS AW11 Preview Event




Tuesday night I was invited to the preview of the NARS AW11 collection. Some of you may have already seen the collection as it's already out in stores. It was however a nice opportunity to have a play with the products and get chatting to the fab team at NARS. I also got to see my good friend Annalisa (she's a national mua for NARS) which is always nice, she reads my blog regularly and is always nagging me for more posts so here we are my love! 



Annalisa - Me - David

The campaign pictures of this current collection just excites me, I feel as if they are very black swan esque - sexy, mysterious yet so visually beautiful. I got Annalisa to strike a pose next to one of them, see the resemblance.  



I think the above picture is my favourite look from the NARS AW11 collection. I love the intense blue eyeshadow in 'Outremer', it's actually pure pigment so works really well wet and I love this on the lower lash line it's very Cleopatra-esque. I don't have any colour as intense as this so this one was definitely one for me. 

Eyeshadow - 'Outremer'



Blended through 'Outremer' is more navy in colour. The finish is quite chalky, so I personally prefer using this colour wet and more intense. 


Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner


NARS have recently released a collection of new pencil eyeliners and they are amazing. The 'Larger than life long-wear eyeliners' come in an array of colours and they have incredible staying on power. My good friend Louise already got me the turquoise eyeliner and have been wearing this on my lower lash line (although I can't find it right now :( hope I haven't lost it). It is such a gorgeous colour and it really doesn't budge, as soon as I find it I will include it in a post. The texture of the long-wear eyeliners are so soft yet you are able to create real precision with them. The design is also great I don't usually like retractable eyeliners or lip pencils but these are an exception as they are retractable but have a sharpener on the end. There are currently 7 shades but NARS will be releasing 2 more colours in the months to come. 

Pure Matte Lipstick - 'Montego Bay'


I didn't realise how much of a Pure Matte lipstick fan I was until I went through my make up collection and then realised how many I had. I absolutely love  'Monetgo Bay' it's so gorgeous like pretty rosebud lips, it really reminds me of the NARS lipliner in rosebud which is one of my favourites, that I use all over my lips quite often. I like that it's a matte lipstick because you can wear it either way. The shade is almost 'your lips but better' kind of colour, it's so pretty. I will include pictures soon of it on. 


NARS Concealer 


The other major release for NARS this AW11 are the new concealers. The colour range is great as there are now 10 shades as opposed to 6 which means there is one for everyone and the iconic NARS flawless face is that step closer. The consistency of these concealers is quite cream and the finish is beautiful, almost powder like. They aren't drying at all because of the Vitamin E and the best thing is that the concealer doesn't sit in the lines underneath the eyes. My shade is biscuit Med/Dark 1 and it blends in so well with my skin tone. 



I am such a huge NARS fan and love the latest products. I am also really excited for some of their releases nearer to Christmas. 

Have any of you purchased anything from the NARS AW11 collection? Have any of you tried any of the new products? Eyeliner? Concealers? What do you think? 

Lots of Love 



  1. I want to get my hands on the new concealers. I'm a big fan the colour range that NARS currently have, really suits desi skin tones.


  2. I have not but I still really want to try outremer and get a refill of their 'belize' lipgloss (which would look awesome on you btw!!)

  3. I need that blue shadow! Every post I see, it gets better and better!


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