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[156] Instagramming Part 6.. In Antwerp

photophoto copy

photo copy 7

photo copy 4photo copy 3

photo copy 8photo copy 2

photo copy 10

photo copy 12

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photo copy 6

1. Groet Mart 2. My battered elf boots 3. Best Cappuccino ever @ Lorraine's! 4.Flo's bike 5.Swapping jewellery with AV hah! 6. AV's G shock! 7.Pampering afternoon mine and Flo's cosmetics! 8. BNBN 9.Photo Boothing! 10.1-2-3 11.Chilling with my girl 12.Breakfast 13.Snapping 14.Flowwing! 15.Windy days 16.Gold leafing!

Instagramming in Antwerp, thought I would do my usual Saturday post but share some snaps from my phone. Just lots of girl time in and around Antwerp with my lady Flow!

Hope you have all had a good a Saturday, I am sitting here trying to get some blog posts up so that I can allow myself to go out later on haha.. dedication right there.. 

Speak soon lots of love 



  1. Lovely photos. The #15.Windy days shot is fierce!

  2. Oh how I miss European cities! (yes, I do live in UK but it so much different then on the continent, don't you agree?) Lovely pics, they remind me of Amsterdam xx

  3. Omg, that last pic of you = sexy. Glad to see you're having a good time! I really miss you!!! xoxo

  4. you look like kim kardashian in the windy photo. very pretty :-)

    holli x

  5. Love these pics. You look lovely in the windy photo especially. How did you do the gold leaf? Love it xx


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