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[155] Lower lash love with NARS..


Hey lovelys.. if you've been reading for a while you will know that lately I have been wearing colourful eyeliner/eyeshadow on my lower lash line. I have been wearing mainly turquoises and blues. So I thought I'd share my favourites, which both happen to be from the NARS AW11 collections. I have previously mentioned them but thought I'd upload some pictures for you to check them out. 

NARS Eyeshadow in 'Outremer'


This is such a gorgeous deep blue and I absolutely love it on my lower lash line with black eyeliner in the water line. It's just such a dramatic look and I really enjoy wearing it. To be honest since having my fringe which is still here (and I think will be around for a little while longer) I've been pretty boring with my eye make up this has allowed me to jazz it up a little. Outremer is great because you can use it wet therefore it's more intense and obviously there is less fall out (Something which can be tricky avoiding when using eyeshadows on the lower lash line) 



NARS Long-Wear eyeliner in 'Abbey Road' 



I thought I'd lost this but found it at the bottom of one of my many make up bags! Again such a gorgeous colour a little lighter and brighter than Outremer. These pencils are such a dream they are so soft and are so long lasting. I like to wear this one more so during the day, it has such a pretty shimmer to it and I find it works really well with the colour of my eyes. I also mentioned in my previous post that this is a retractable eyeliner which I never usually like but this one comes with a sharpener at the end so you can still have that precision. 



What have you enjoyed wearing lately? 

Lots of Love 



  1. Wow... that blue looks amazing, I must try this!

  2. Wow! The colour really looks beautiful on you. I've been wearing Urban Decay's Electric eye pencil all summer on my lower lash line. It's more of a turquoise colour. I think I might try out these colours as I transition my makeup for A/W. :) x

  3. They are both beautiful colours. I love your lip combo in these pics!

  4. Such beautiful colours! Absolutely stunning.

  5. Best use of blue ever! Has a true jewel tone and really makes your eyes pop too.

  6. I love the Nars eyeliner. It is so gorgeous!

  7. your eyes are SO beautiful!!!

  8. Your eyes look Really nice, and The eyeshadow is really nice for the coming cold season x

  9. Colour added on the lower lash line suits you well. xx

  10. love your nail polish! those blues are calling my name, look great on your lower lash line.

  11. Love this blue on you, it makes your eyes look really deep and chocolatey ;p xx

  12. These colours look really nice on you, great look overall! :)


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