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[153] YSL Shocking Masca


Ever feel like you are on a constant search for " The One " ? That one lipstick, that one blusher, the on foundation well I know for me I have been on a personal conquest for as long as I can remember to find the perfect mascara - One that does everything you want it to and instantly impresses.

Well I have to say YSL mascaras have never really appealed to me despite the hype, I thought they were too pricey for a mascara that dries up and clumps within a few weeks. So when I was sent the new 'Shocking' mascara I was looking forward to giving it a go and seeing how this lived up to all the fuss. I never like a mascara the first time I use it and I mean that.. this however, surprised me! With the first coat my lashes looked amazing, long, perfectly curled, voluminous and definitely 'Shocking!'


I then applied a second coat and I was seriously Wow'd by the mascara.



 I deliberately didn't apply eyeliner so I could check my lashes out properly, I then applied a little bit of pencil liner on my waterline upper and lower. I seriously love this mascara and I have used it over the last 4/5 days now. The brush works well at really at defining the lashes and curling them. This mascara is 'Deep Black' and is very black and I love that, I really have issues with mascara not looking black enough.



The YSL Shocking mascara is out and available to buy HERE



  1. To be fair, any mascara looks fab on you cos you have such long natural lashes!!

  2. Wow this looks amazing!!

    But I wonder if it goes clumpy as fast as Faux Cils or not - you will have to keep us updated!

    Fee x

  3. I got the cherry black to try and been using it all week. It makes my green eyes sparkle, in a subtle way. Also, the formula is very smooth. Thumbs up!! :)

  4. Impressive volume! Your lashes really look like fake!!! Do let us know how long it takes for the tube to dry out, though ;)

  5. Wow looks like a pretty good mascara! xx

  6. Can I ask what eyeshadow you are wearing in this post? :)

  7. It looks gorgeous! But it's true you do have naturally long eyelashes ;) xx

  8. Very impressive, your lashes look mega long! They're almost touching your eyebrows. Great review.


  9. Wow this look amazing on you. I used to have that mascara and there is one bad point abt it : after a certain time, it starts drying and i couldn't even use it after that :s. Anyway it makes amazing lashes. And your eyebrows ars so beautiful !

  10. I spotted this at the YSL counter yesterday and im determined to get it now, it looks amazing on you too.

  11. That looks great!
    I'm going to have to try some now!

  12. I love the original one so I definitely will be trying this version soon.

  13. Wooo, that is seriously impressive! My only problem with YSL is their mascaras seem to dry out so quickly on me!

    But I'll defos be looking into getting this one.


  14. That mascara works pretty good, I always build up layers but if your lashes turn out that good with only two, then I'm really impressed.


  15. Oh my gosh, this looks so good on you! Please let us know when it dries out, because they dry out notoriously fast.

  16. Ive tried this YSL shocking mascara and Loreal 4D Black Lacquer new mascara on each side of my eyes.It delivers very much the same result:)

  17. Woww!!! You really have amazing lashes...the mascara just accentuates them!!! How do you get them to be so long and thick??

  18. I can't get over how amazing your lashes look! I've never seen the appeal of high end mascaras and usually stick to max factor or l'oreal but I'm seriously considering buying this... guess it does live up to the name! x

  19. looks amazing thanks for sharing!! xx

  20. Wowza! Your lashes look incredible! I need to give this a try. x

  21. WOW! I rarely buy expensive mascaras these days as I have thankfully been blessed with decent eyelashes, so even a rimmel one works well but I do have the odd fling with YSL mascaras and they are amazing. This is absolutely on my wishlist, you look incredible!
    It was lovely to meet you on tuesday at Handpicked! I realise now I didn't even introduce myself because I already knew who you were ;) my bad. hopefully see you soon now I live in London. xo.

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