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[152] instagramming Part 5..

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1.My Free coin from Starbucks 2.Dinner at Wagas with Woody! 3.Jasmine tea so pretty 4.Dessert! 5.LA Lakers! 6.Cheap Monday 7. At the W 8. Cupcakes at Nip&Fab at the W 9. Cee Lo Green @ W 10.Christening the Con's 11. Flowers for me 12.RIP 13.Kings Cross 14.Carluccios at Kings Cross 15.Sicilian Lemonade and Olives mmm 16.Fur,Fedora,Lulu and Rocco!

Hello lovelies hope you are all having a good weekend! I am currently in bed in Belgium, I'm back in Antwerp visiting my girl. I got here Thursday evening and I'm here for a few more days. Having lots of fun as always we went out last night and had such a great night, so this morning we are just chilling before going out later on. It's been a busy week with work, press events and just general meeting up with people I've been trying to see in ages. Can't complain though don't think I'd have it any other way. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I am quite enjoying being away from home and slowly slowly catching up with all the posts I have to! 

Lots of Love



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