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[150] YSL - La Laque 'Moonlight Blue'

RP_210+210x297_SUMMER L 2011.indd


I haven't done a nail post in ages, to be honest I just don't seem to find the time as often anymore. I was recently sent this gorgeous colour 'Moonlight Blue' by YSL it is part of their AW11 Midnight Garden collection (How amazing is the campaign picture above) . If you haven't seen this new collection you should check it out, they have some stunning new product launches. The colours are absolutely amazing and this nail polish is such a beauty. It's a deep, metallic, midnight blue however, once it's on the nails it's hard to distinguish what colour it really is - All I know is that it's mesmerising! 



It seems to change into more of an emerald green and then in some lighting it almost looked like a metallic black. Either way this colour is a nice twist on your typical darks and perfect for fall. I don't think I've tried YSL nail polishes before and I have to say I really liked the application of this and it also lasted without chipping for a good 4 days which for a me was impressive. If I'm entirely honest I tend to stay away from nail polishes from make up brands just because i'm left disappointed this one, however was a nice surprise. 


The YSL nail polishes are priced £16.50 and available to buy HERE

What colours have you been wearing lately? 



  1. sooooo pretty!!

    xo Jenn

  2. What a stunning colour!
    Personally, I've been wearing sheer nails with glitter.

  3. oh thats a gorgeous color! I've been wearing Babtiste by illamasqua, which is like a deep purple gem shade. absolutely adore

  4. It looks great on you. I really loved the bronzey shade, but to be honest, they are way too pricey for me.

    If the bottles were still the normal size, I'd have it like a shot. But £16.50 for such a small bottle? I have to draw the line somewhere!

    Saying that, I still splurged on 2 of the new cream eyeliners lol. Pics on my blog, if anyone is interested.

    =) xxx


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