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[147] No!No! Week 4 update..


Hey guys I've been getting more messages about the No!No! I am currently on the fourth week of using it. This is supposedly half way through the 8 weeks of using it. I have to say this week I've been a little lazy with using it especially on my body. I just haven't had the time to sit still and use it.There has definitely been a change in hair growth, my hair is growing a lot less which to me is amazing, I don't think people realise how much hair upsets me I actually hate it. Other than my head, eyebrows and eyelashes I don't want hair anywhere! I guess I have my dad to thank for that haha. 

When it comes to using the No!No! on my face I probably make the most effort at using it. Generally on the areas I have used the No!No! on my face the hair is a lot finer and has reduced. Where I would usually notice hair growth more after a few days or so I don't notice it as much. The one thing I guess I don't  like when the hair does grow back is the way in which it feels. It's quite rough and it bothers me, but when it begins to feel like that I just pick up the No!No! and get red of the hairs. 

My chin is still an area that is not responding well to the No!No! at all. I feel that the hair growth is a little less than previous weeks but the hair is coarse and there's a lot of it. It actually feels like a stubble it's horrible, I got so disheartened by it that I had to thread it. I really find that the chin is the hardest place to No!No! I think with the angle makes it difficult to remove. I also find the most discomfort when I No!No! the chin, I can feel the most amount of heat. It's so so  unfortunate because for the rest of my face the NoNo is working well. For a few days after I use the No!No! only face it stays looking hair free and I feel my face looks more radiant and the texture of my skin has improved. I have no idea why my chin doesn't response well, I have a feeling it may be hormonal related from people are telling me. 

The reason I've been using the No!No! less on my body is probably because the hair is growing a lot less therefore I don't feel the need to No!No! as often, the hairs again are finer and actually growing back and feeling smoother. 

I do believe the No!No! is doing something, so many people have told me that my skin is looking good lately and the only difference is that I have been using the No!No!. I just don't know why the hairs on my chin are worse. 

Have any of you used the No!No! or something similar and seen results like this? Do any of you have any advice? I am going to continue using it and although I feel it is working to certain extent I somehow feel that this won't be a permanent solution to being hair free, but instead another method of frequent hair removal. I will try and keep you posted as much as I can but there haven't been any dramatic changes during the first 4 weeks. 

I still don't know if this is something for everyone. I know my aunty uses the No!No! and is impressed with the results, I guess everyones hair growth is different. I might actually get my aunty to share her thoughts on the No!No! as she has been using it a lot longer than myself. It may also be good for you guys to hear someone else's opinion.  

If you have any questions, do leave them below.. 

Lots of Love 



  1. hi hun yes this can be a very upsetting thing and those not dealing with it don't know the extent of the feeling. have you tried laser procedures? and it would be nice to hear another opinion, it is hopeful that it has been working for both of you.

  2. I want to try the No!No! so badly! I'm with you on the "No hair except for the neck up" thing. I'm just somewhat afraid that it won't be as awesome as I think it will be.

  3. yeh please, i'd like to hear her thoughts because im thinking of purchasing jus concerned about my 'tash' because ive never touched it but its quite noticebale on my left side....

  4. Hey there =]

    God I know how you feel about unwanted hair! Trust me I have a LOT of it! I bought the no!no! and have used it for about two weeks so far on just my face. I use it all over, side, chin, jaw, tashe and even forehead. Told you I was hairy =P Anyway, for me it's working great and I love it a lot but like your chin isn't responding too well, the far sides of my face aren't. The hair grows back wayy too quickly there whereas the rest of my face is fine. I use the buffer regularly though and that keeps the stubble at bay.

    I wanted to ask about creams/lotions you use after on your face. Can a you recommend a good one which won't sting? Thank you =]

    Good luck with the no!no! It takes time to perfect using it especially around the jaw/chin area but I watched a few youtube vids before and that helped a lot. I look forward to more updates from you =]

    p.s. I heard that people who have previously been removing hair from their face by other means such as shaving, epilating etc before trying the no!no! have not had a lot of success from the no!no!. I believe this is because the hair is thicker from all that other hair removal and the no!no! works best on fine longish hairs. I never removed hair on my face, just bleached it so maybe thats why its been a little more successful for me?

    Oh wow I'v written a lot! Sorry for rambling!

  5. Thanks for the information! I've been wanting to try No!No! for a while now, and this has certainly helped.


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