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[144] Instagramming Part 4..


1.LFWE with Suzi and Sabrina 2.Breakfast at LFWE with EA 3.Warm days in London 4.My Business cards that I LOVE! 5.FREE Grazia at Bank station 6.Random guy wrote this on my lunch 7.Evening sun leaving the gym 8.Friends amazing winged tattoos - BEAUTIFUL! 9. Pizza Express with my mum, @n00byz n bro 10. Dessert! 11.MAC mess 12. Crackling ELF 13. Topshop 14.@emillionnaire Big YELLOW trainer 15. Drinks at 2floors with @emillionnaire and @dsimeone 16. Dinner with @emillionnaire  @dsimeone and others.

It's been one of those weeks where there's honestly no time to stop. The kind of weeks where I have been leaving the house at 7 am and returning after 11pm, there is honestly not enough time in a day and although I can just  about function on 3 hours sleep, it gets to days like today where all I want to do is stay home, mould into the sofa and eat food that I know is ever so bad for me and that I will highly regret by tomorrow. My plan? Is to write this post and a few others I have half written, take the supporting photos, go to the gym, watch X factor and enjoy a good shisha tonight. Will all of that happen? I highly doubt it, so for now I shall bid you farewell and leave you with the random phone pics over the last week or so. Lot's of socialising, events and of course my favourite - FOOD! Have a great weekend my lovelies and make the most of this unusual and ever so rare October sunshine. How is it October already?

Can I just say a massive congratulations to my friend Muhsine, writer of Bubblegarm who gave birth last night to baby Bubbles! So happy for you and can't wait to meet the princess.

Lots of Love



  1. Great images, I cannot believe the christmas chocolates are out already, even though I love those ELF bars!!

  2. Awww Baby Bubbles is here!!

    LOVE the cards!

  3. I love your business cards, where did you get them from?!


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