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[139] Instagramming Part 3..


1.Nickki Minaj/Anna Wintour NYC FW = EPIC! 2.MouldyFruit's 2yr Birthday 3.Homwgrown Corn 4.Ghostly 5.Snap 6.At the gym hah! 7.September Sunshine 8.Celebrating National Cupcake week! 9. The number that follows me! 10. LFW Launch 11.12. Toni & Guy show 13. Daddy long legs! 14. Babycakes! 15. Sick and eating porridge :( 16.This weeks Stylist LFW edition YAY! 

I am quite enjoying doing these! This week has been really busy and I am pretty run down and worn out. I have been bed ridden over the last two days as I have realised I am NOT Superwoman and I can NOT survive on 3 hours sleep a night. If any of you know me, you will know I hate sitting still I need to be out, I need to be active and so the last two days doing nothing is killing me. So I am here reaching for my Macbook just to feel like I'm doing something. These pics I used the X-Pro II effect, I like the brightness and the contrast! Anyways I will try to get the rest of my posts up, maybe after my afternoon nap. Hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend. 

Lots of Love



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