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[138] GlossyBox


I decided to give in to the hype and give GlossyBox a try. Some of you may be aware of the GlossyBox concept if not I'll fill you in. GlossyBox is a monthly subscription of £12.95 whereby each month you receive a pretty little package filled with a selection of goodies. It's exciting as you don't quite know what you will receive but it also allows you to try products you may not have necessarily known about or selected for yourself. These products are sample sizes which give you the chance to have a play and discover some amazing new treats. It also means that each month you are in for a surprise (Which is always nice!).

September's GlossyBox 


In this months GlossyBox there are 5 samples of products which I will share with you below. The best thing about GlossyBox is that if you like the products there are discount codes that can be used should you wish to purchase the full size product, or products from the range. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Salt Brushing


These two sachets are body exfoliators that use salts from the Dead Sea to hydrate, exfoliate and rejuvenate skin. There is also coconut oil and vitamin E which also really helps to nourish the skin. I love products that have minerals from the Dead Sea in them, I have previously used some of the Ahava range and it really leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. I am looking forward to giving my skin a real good scrub with these as I have found my skin to be ever so dry lately. 

Green People - Fruitful Nights


I have to admit I loved the name of this product straight away, since 'MouldyFruit' I seem to love all things fruitful haha. Jokes aside Green People are an Organic skin care range that use fruit and plant extracts as the base of their skincare line.The consistency of this cream is quite rich, but it soon absorbs well in to the skin. The smell is also quite nice and not too over powering despite pineapple and wild berries being the main ingredients. This cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face and neck, it is specifically for those who wish to target ageing skin. 

HD Brows - Eye and Brow Palettle


This little palette here is perfect, being a make up artist this is so ideal to pop in to my kit. The great thing about the shades is that there is a colour that will suit everyone, you can mix the colours to also find the right tone. Although this is a brow and eye palette it can also double up as eye liners which is fab. These days I tend to wear neutral shades and this is perfect for carrying around with me. I shall let you know how I get on using this and will be sure to upload some pics if I use these as eye shadows/liners. 

Neal and Wolf - GLOW Super Shine Spray 


I think this is my favourite product in September's GlossyBox, the size is fabulous for popping in my handbag and I have to say I really noticed the shine when using it in my hair. One thing I often find with glossing spray is that they can weigh the hair down, this one however, is lightweight and more like a mist. How can I forget!? The smell is divine! 

Plum - Mary Greenwell 


For those who don't know Mary Greenwell is a famous make up artist and this sample is of her signature fragrance.  This scent is said to be floral and fruity, however I find it to be quite strong, womanly and a little bit mysterious (If that makes any sense). This is the eau de parfum therefore much more concentrated. I have to be honest and say that this smell isn't for me, I tend to prefer sweet, light fragrance nevertheless it was nice to try something different. 

So there you have it Septembers GlossyBox! What do you guys think of the Glossy box concept? Are any of you already subscribed? If not, would you consider subscribing? 

Another thing I find really cool is that for Christmas you can Give the gift of a subscription to GlossyBox, so if any of you are already writing your Christmas lists maybe that's one for you or a friend.  

For more information on Glossybox check out their website HERE

Lots of Glossy Love 


Disclaimer : This was a sponsored post through Handpicked Media, however my thoughts and opinions are honest as always!


  1. I love the concept of the GlossyBox! It's like getting a present through your door every month... and you get to discover so many different brands.

    I think there's a men's version coming out soon too... Would be interesting to see how that turns out

    Sami xx

  2. This looks lovely! Wish they had them in Dubai! Sarah x

  3. I'm waiting for mine to arrive - I'm really feeling the HD brows kit as I currently don't do anything with my brows but want to start!

  4. Hi Zara.
    I received my first Glossy Box today and so far so good. My box had the same contents, exceptions being a Moa The Green Balm (yum) and a full size Neal and Wolf Intensive Care Treatment (love the name). I will only know if it is worth it once I receive a few more boxes.
    Farrah x
    PS Check out A Model Recommends Blog for her goodies.
    Keep well x

  5. what a great review of the glossybox! lots of other bloggers tend to just moan or say they like what they recive but never really review it like you have so thank you mouldyfruit :D

  6. Great post!! I am literally about to subscribe for September's box right now! Was just a little concerned if you decide to cancel do they charge you any fees after? x

  7. I love the look of the eye and brow palette! love the colours. Sophie @ Born to Buy

  8. I love the concept of GlossyBox, so glad you've introduced me to it! Great reviews, short and to the point since there are multiple products in one post. The products look like great quality as well.


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